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GE tried to burn my house down for the 2nd time...1st the dryer now my fridge. It is only 6 years old, a GE Profile Arctica model # PSS26MGTC CC and a fire started from underneath, early in the morning. If my wife had not woken up from the smell of burning plastic and hair, OUR HOUSE WOULD HAVE BURNED DOWN WITH MYSELF & 3 KIDS!!! I SAW THE FLAME & turned it off immediately. WTF GE!!!

I just had the motherboard changed 2 weeks ago & now another part goes bad. How can a company that makes airplane engines not know how to make a fridge. MY 40 year old Amana still works fine!!! GE claims that its "Made in the USA" but every component and electrical wire is MADE IN CHINA. The door on the inside says "MADE IN MEXICO". That right there is FALSE ADVERTISING, and a plain straight out LIE!!!

GE is the wealthiest company in the world and they pay $0 in taxes because they buy property & pay their top pigs unethical sums of money. I worked for a company that was bought out by GE (so they don't pay taxes of course) and bought their stuff, being a loyal employee. NEVER AGAIN!!! They screwed me on my appliances as well as my vacation pay before they bought more property a thousand miles away from my workplace and then lay everyone off.

FU that you tried to ruin my life again, I hope all of you top pigs and the company GE dies a quick but painful ccancerous DEATH! FU GE FOREVER. I will boycott you and blog about your B.S. perpetually.

People, pay a little extra and get something that is not a piece of ***.

Monetary Loss: $1379.

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