My husband and I are so angry and disappointed about our GE Profile washer purchase. We paid $630 for the washer in 2008.

18 mos after the purchase, we had a series of mechanical problems. First the mother board went out. A few months later the transmission went out. Then the motor went out !

Each time GE sent the parts but of course we had to pay the labor. Our labor costs totaled a little over half of the cost of the machine. Now, four yrs later, the machine does not drain the water out! I am done with GE.

We just replaced a 14yr old dryer with a Whirlpool dryer. Appliances should last at least 10 yrs, not 18 mos !! Now we have to decide if we should *** the bullet and buy a new washer the same week that we just purchased a new dryer.

No fair, GE. Your products should hold up better than this.

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