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Update by user May 21, 2013

Latest update: another GE rep. contacted me, she said she could help me, guess I still think GE will make it right!

Like I said before my oven has NEVER baked right so I just gave up years ago and stopped making pies & cookies or anything yummy. This rep told me I was calling the wrong people to fix it. She said I should have called A&E appliance repair, I have been calling Sears. She said Sears was not an authorized servicer of GE.

Well I let her make an appointment for me and guess what, A&E is SEARS! I just about screamed when my caller ID came up Sears. The tech said they just changed their name.

So like I said before, he said "that is just how it cooks". He told me I will just have to try and experiment with the oven.

Like cook my apples before I put them in the pie. Let the oven heat up to the temp. I want and then wait 15 minutes longer because my oven heats up to 450 when I only want it to go to 350 and then it comes back down 15 minutes later.

So probably my oven is too hot for a while and the baked goods are cooking outside and not all around like a convection oven is suppose to. For 5 years and at least 5 tech later I know this now, but it isn't GE's fault because............

Update by user Apr 26, 2013

A GE rep. contacted me, they gave me a choice of a discount on a new wall oven or discount on parts for the oven I have.

Well, all the techs. who have been here to fix the oven say " that is just how it cooks". So why pay a couple hundred dollars for another one to tell me the same thing.

And I DON' T have another 1000.00 or more to put with the discount for a new oven. I just do not bake anymore, which I guess is good for the diet, but everyone else wants an apple pie!

Original review posted by user Mar 21, 2013

I HATE,HATE, HATE my GE Profile oven. I was considered the pie baker for years.

I guess I will never make a pie again until I can replace this NO GOOD oven. I have made over 300 apple pies, and I have NEVER experienced a oven that will not bake like this one. Pie crust will not bake, so I have soggy crusts. When I make apple crisp, I have to put the apples in for 45 minutes then take it out put the crisp on and put it back in for 30 minutes to make sure the apples cook!!

WHAT! I was told by the Customer Service that "all out chefs love this oven", like I am *** or something. She was very rude! Cookies, well i have to take them out and turn them around so they bake even, thought the convection was to cook more evenly???

I wish I could get my old oven back. I tell everyone I know, DO NOT BUY GE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Oven.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Houston, Texas, United States #711030

We have a GE Profile Double Wall oven. The Control panel Overlay film has been replaced twice and has peeled off again.

Now GE indicates they no longer make the overlay and you have to buy a completely new control panel for hundreds of dollars. And my oven is only 5 years old!

Even the extended warranty will not cover as it is "cosmetic". Buy another brand which supports their products and doesn't leave their customers out to dry.

Bloomington, Illinois, United States #675697

I too hate my ge profile. I have to leave the oven door open in the standard bake mode to keep the convection fan from coming on and burning all the food.

The range burners are so tempermental, even on the lowest setting stuff boils over or scorches. The top of my range is absolutely impossible to clean with all of the ceramic oven cleaning products. Actually, the Mr. Clean eraser followed by a razor blade works best.

It's the cheapest, junkiest piece of poor appliance manufacturing, I have ever owned, at a premium price.

I would love to kick it to the curb and let the pickers recycle it, but it is too expensive to consider scrapping.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #647553

I have been baking for over 55 years. I never had a problem with baked goods - brownies, cup cakes, breads, pies, etc.

until I purchased a GE

Profile convection oven in 2002 for our new house. I, like the lady in the previous post, had soggy pie crusts, brownies that were over cooked on the outside of the pan and undercooked in the middle of the pan, and cupcakes and muffins that would not brown correctly on the top. The oven seemed to work fine until I used the self clean cycle. I had the technician out at least 5 times.

I read extensively on the Internet and concluded that the ratio that the top burner comes on in relation to the bottom burner was incorrect. The next time the service man came out, I explained this to him. He did something and the oven seemed to work when making baked goods for awhile. Then after cleaning the oven, baked goods would not bake correctly - again.

About a month ago a code came up on the control panel, and none of the controls would work. I looked in the owner's manual. It said to flip the breaker switch for the oven and wait a specified amount of time. AND - believe it or not - the next Chicken Pot Pie I baked came out perfect!

My husband came running back to the TV room and said that that was the best pie I had ever baked. I inquired as to what was so good about it - since I had been making the same recipie for over 9 years. He said that the crust was flaky and not soggy. Hmmm, the oven is 12 years old.

I wish I had flipped the breaker sooner.

I think it reset the computer that controls the oven.

Plymouth, Minnesota, United States #641989

Hi, this is Donna from GE. I'm sorry to read about your experience with your GE Profile wall oven.

Can you take a moment to email us at please?

We would like to take a look at this for you. Thanks!

Pleasant Hill, Missouri, United States #627537

I agree with you 100%. I am 51 years old and certainly not new to cooking and i have never been more disappointed in an appliance in my life..

We purchased all new GE Monogram, Profile and Cafe appliances for a house we remodeled. The oven has a 50 degree variance from edges to center. It burns every pan of cookies. I bought the convection oven on purpose to be able to bake several racks at the same time.

There is NO way you can do that in this oven. It's 1 pan at a time and they still burn in the back right corner. They have sent a service tech to our house about 6 times. He has replaced everything, including the computer and it still doesn't work.

I have been told i need

to talk to the GE kitchen department about revising recipes and maybe I have my racks in wrong. Really! The latest i was told they are "working as designed". Seriously a company as big as GE surely doesn't design an oven to burn baked goods on purpose!!!!!!!!

I have moved approximately 10 times over the past 30 years and always bought new appliances when i moved. I would never buy a GE appliance again. Our Monogram range top has had the center griddle ignitor replaced and all 4 burners. If you use more than 3 burners at a time with large pots, it warps the center stainless steel cover.

Their answer to that was disassemble it before i used the burners. It's a shame they won't stand behind their products. I just don't want anyone else to get stuck with junk that doesn't work.

These 2 appliances were over $7,000. Shame on GE!!!!!!!!!!!

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