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Bought a top of the line GE Profile Trash Compactor model # GCG1580LSS. In less than 3 yrs, the footpedal mounting holes worn thru and the footpedal fell off.

The holes are in a spot welded peice that cannot be replaced with out replacing the whole box assembly at a cost of $198. Emailed a complaint to GE stating that this should not have failed in such a short time. They said the part was on back order and they had no date on when they would get them. So what do I do in the meantime GE?

They offered me the insulting $50 coupon to buy another one of their Chinese *** compactors.

Stick it where the sun don't shine GE. You lost a long time and loyal customer.

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San Diego, California, United States #641749

GE Profile trash compactor is a bad design. Within a year of owning it, the foot peddle seized up and the compactor was struck.

My husband managed to fix it but it happened again. I wish we had not bought it. Foot design is a bad idea. What happens is that if it is compacting and you bump it with your foot, then it starts to open while compacting and gets stuck.

People are always bumping the foot pedal. Do not get any compactor with foot pedal.

Risky. Now I have smelly trash and can't open my compactor to empty the trash.

Gardnerville, Nevada, United States #639869

I fixed mine by cementing metal washers on the outside of the flange. The washers now take the place of the torn out mounting holes. Has been working now for 2 yrs

to Bobodude East Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #1008064

What kind of cement did you use ?

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #639826

This foot pedal problem has just happened to us for the SECOND time in 6 years! I paid the $200 the first time to order in the part, but GE can stick it this time.

I'm done with them.

Longmont, Colorado, United States #586305

Yes, same thing happened to me! Had a top of the line ge profile compactor purchased in June 2008 - in november 2012 the part wore through leaving the footpedal hanging on one side so it's useless - won't open the compactor nor compact it.

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