GE recommended Profile Reverse Osmosis water system when I inquired about its effectiveness for my particular area and water conditions. I then purchased the unit 11/20/08 from Home Depot on-line.

The unit stopped working in February 2009. I had technician out several times, water quality same as city water, each repair yielded only a very temporary 2 - 3 weeks flow of water. I purchased 7 sets of filters, and 1 replacement membrane, following all written instructions for installation and purification of the unit, all to no avail. GE now refuses to honor my warranty by voiding same, now claiming my water hardness is 19, which is not.

When I had a professional check the water hardness today, they measured it at 8 grains of hardness having actually done the water hardness testing, and it is not what GE is alleging, which GE seemingly did in order to void my warranty and refuse me my rightful refund for this defective product. "Sue" of GE Smart Water, who was very rude and threatening that GE would sue me for libel suit if I post the truth of my dealings with this issue. I am not asking that I be refunded the other $300.00+ I have spent on filters, membranes, and pre-filters for my reverse osmosis system, all in an abundance of caution to make sure the parts were in good working order. The "pre-filter" I purchased through their repair representatives for another $62.00.

This is unfair, unprofessional, and unconscionable, and may be illegal.

Shame on GE for their wrongful actions and handling of my defective product by unilaterally voiding a good warranty with unsubstantiated water hardness claims that are false, and I have the paperwork to prove it. Shame on you GE!

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