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I have had the same problem with ice buildup in the back of the vegetable drawer. My fridge was also purchased at Lowes.

After eight months of complaining, and several visits by GE a technician, they have now done a horrible and ugly job fixing the problem by taping with duct tape, a heater inside the refrigerator!!! When I questioned the technician, he said "I know it is a *** job, but this is the best I can do". Neither Lowes nor GE have made any attempts to resolve this issue to our satisfaction.

I would not recommend buying the GE Profile refrigerator.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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do yourself a favor buy ge if it wasn't for ge i'd have no work

Pretty Prairie, Kansas, United States #26038

I think your problem may very well be your

repairman. I have had to replace the heaters in my GE frig also, however they

were installed correctly (no duct tape). That was 2 years ago and the unit works

fine. And yes, I bought it at Lowe's.

Staraya, Leningrad, Russian Federation #24208

Yes, they placed a heater inside the refrigerator!!!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #24050

You are saying they took a heater and placed it inside the refigerator to address this problem?

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