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We purchased a GE Profile Refrigerator Model # PFCS1PJYCSS for $2700 approximately from Lowe's in Jan. 2010.

We had problems at the beginning with the water not dispensing and ice maker not working. A tech came out of course because we were within the one year and fixed it supposedly. Three years later we had the same problem and two techs came out and said we needed to pay $547 for parts and labor to fix it. I asked for the second tech to come out because the first didn't even pull our fridge out, he diagnosed it by my description.

The second tech came out and looked at the first techs diagnosis and said he agreed with the first guy because he had been doing service a lot longer. What the heck. So my husband and I opted not to pay for the repairs as GE didn't guarantee it would fix the problem. He did some research and noticed the same complaint from others.

Our fridge started making ice for some random reason, but the water dispenser remained inoperable. We dealt with it. Then in Feb. 2014 our fridge started freezing the non-freezer food like carrots, lettuce, apples, lunch meat, Orange juice, milk.

I had them come out and paid $252 for them to replace the damper door/tower and vent systems inside. I had to take everything out of my fridge to have this repair. DIDN'T help!!!! Another repair person came out and replaced the main controller (mother board).

DIDN'T help! Food kept freezing. Third tech came out by the name of Ray and said he was going to replace all of it again. So, one week later a new rep shows up by a set appt (one of those 4 to 5 hours stints where you have to be home to accommodate them) and has no parts with him.

I now am on my 5th appt, Ray comes back with the parts and deems our fridge UNREPAIRABLE and gives us a phone number for GE's consumer relations department. Now, GE tells us because we are out of the one year warranty they do not guarantee their product (we were told GE PROFILES have a 5 year warranty)! That is nice isn't it? And they can only offer us a new fridge at a discounted rate.

This is not a $200 or $300 purchase we are talking about. Our purchase was a 10 year investment! I DID NOT PLAN ON BUYING A NEW HIGH END REFRIGERATOR AFTER ONLY 4 years whether discounted or not!!!!! We can not believe this is how GE handles people who buy their high-end products.

Absolutely no accountability behind this BIG CORPORATE NAME.

It is infuriating beyond words! If someone can help us, please do.......................Carey and Matt

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

  • GE Cabinet Depth Refrigerator
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