A bought new three year old GE profile refigerator caught fire undeneath, fortunately while we were eating dinner. The whole room started smalling like burning plastic - it took us a while to locate it.

IU pulled off the lower back shield and found the plastic connector (made in Mexico)to the compressor on fire, with the thermal fuses made in china calmly sitting there - and I am thinking - american corporations, in their quest for greater profits, has screwed america from both directiuons. I unplugged the refrigerator for the night, losing a couple of hundred dollars worth of food.

In the morning I guess I will get a new refrigerator - but it won't be a GE. Hah - found the manuel and we are still under warrenty - we will see how that goes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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My GE Profile side by side caught on fire behind the icemaker today. Luckily, my wife smelled it burning.

Had to hit it with a fire extinguisher to put it out. It's now sitting in the driveway.

No more GE for me. Too dangerous.

San Diego, California, United States #1244587

My refrigerator didn't catch on fire however got home and all the food inside was hot. It latterly melted containers in the fridge.

After reading these comments I'm going to unplug it. I'm wondering why there isn't a consumer lawsuit on this yet?


These stories are terrible. Was anything every done by GE?!

Our GE refrigerator caught on fire underneath. Luckily, it was at dinner time and we were in the kitchen at the time. We were leaving for a trip the next day, leaving our kids home with their grandmothers. We called GE today and they are sending a repairman to take a look.

They want us to pay $100?! This could have burnt down our house...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #577029

This same incident happened to us last night. Same burning plastic smell.

It took us 20 minutes to locate where the smell was coming from and about the time we pulled the refrigerator from it's location, flames started coming out of the bottom. I wouldn't even want GE to fix it...I want it out of our house! They are going to hear from me, however.

Kim. Pittsburgh, PA


Our 7 year old, side-by-side GE Profile with water and ice on the door caught on fire the night before we were to leave for vacation. We were in our kitchen on a warm evening with the windows open and thought someone was burning...something.

It smelled like burning plastic. When we closed the windows to avoid the foul smell, we realized it was in our home. Five of us ran around looking for the source and finally found it when the refrigerator was pulled out. The flames were shooting from the bottom in spurts and our tile foor was singed with soot.

We immediately unplugged it. This was not our first problem with this refrigerator. We had purchased the 5 year extended warranty. One month after it expired, the refrigerator stopped cooling and we had it repaired.

A new mother board was intalled. It has been less than 2 years and now this happened.

We never heard of refrigerators catching on fire. If we had left for vacation 1 day earlier we may not have a home...I will never buy GE again!


Our GE is 6 years old. It almost burnt down our house this morning.

The fan stopped working and the back of the unit got super hot. The wall is scorched. I called GE this morning and "I have worked here for a year and never heard about a fridge catching of fire at all" It is 6 years old and they only cover 5 year old fridges on their recall we have never heard about. Now why would they fix our fridge for free past the warranty.

Cover up? I think so.


GE Profile Side by Side unit. Freezer caught fire last night.

We are SO lucky we were home and awake.



Our GE fridge just caught on fire. Thank goodness I was up at midnight.

My wife's having a baby in one week. I have a 7 year old daughter, a cat, and a dog. Thank You Lord for keeping me awake. The plastic part connected to the condenser had a two inch flame rising out of it.

The fan is working fine. I bought the fridge at the end of 2005.


My brand new GE refrigerator purchased from Conn's in San Antonio 5/30 and delivered on 6/1 caught fire in the freezer during the night of 6/6-6/7. Conn's Customer Service did not believe me when I reported the fire to them on 6/7.

I had to wait 24 hrs before a service tech came to my home to investigate my complaint. Had it been me, I would have thought FIRE? I'm sending someone over immediately!!! No such attention for ME!

The service tech contacted his boss who contacted GE who contacted me this afternoon to offer a replacement fridge. Based on what I'm seeing in all these reports of fires, I hesitate to accept GE's offer. What if I get stuck with ANOTHER fridge that ignites??

I think not. I think I'm going with a different brand, thank you very much.

The same thing just happened to us. Thank god we were home eating dinner.

How terrifying, what if we had been sleeping with our two children in the house or on vacation. I just sent an email to the above address, we will see if they reply. I do not recommend buying a GE refrigerator.

This one was a replacement sent by GE to replace the first GE lemon we bought.Now I need to go and figure out how to save all the food I just bought. :cry

Hi, this is Vikki with GE. I apologize for the difficulty you have had with your GE refrigerator. Please email the details to us at eResponse@ge.com and let us look into this situation for you.

to Vikki Chicago, Illinois, United States #600792

After 10 years of constant problems, the GE profile has now managed to burn the flooring, could have burned the house down while we were sleeping since we did not smell it. We replaced the valve that the copper hose hooks to 4 times, and finally just quit using the water dispenser/icemaker about 2 years ago.

The parts that regulate the temperature burned out 5 years ago and now it happened again. Should have dumped this refrigerator long ago, but just didn't seem like a frig should last less than 5 years.

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