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We purchased a GE Profile model PDS22 bottom freezer refrigerator in 2006, we also purchased the extended warranty. Within the first six months there was a problem with it freezing the vegetables which was repaired under warranty.

A month ago it started smelling hot and would not maintain set temperatures in either compartment.

I removed the back panel to discover the condenser fan had stopped working. when I unplugged the fan there was a noticeable change in the operational sounds. The compressor was too hot to touch and ran continually. I measured for power at the wires running to the cooling fan.

I got a reading of 24 volts AC. Upon googling the problem, I discovered there was a problem with the motherboard shorting and burning out the cooling fan. There was according to the website YouFixIt.com there was a recall which we were never notified about by GE. We copied the letter from the website with GE saying they were replacing these components free of charge until further notice.

After contacting GE we were told there was no such recall, our model was not on the list anyway (3rd from the bottom on the right column) supplied by GE. PDS22.... along with about 97 other models in the profile line built between October 05 and July 06.

And told us they supplied a very good warranty and were very proud of their product line. And would do nothing for us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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great having same problems so I guess I am about to go thrugh what happen to you when I contact them

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