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Less than 2 years ago I got what I thought was the best microwave on the market .. the GE Profile for over 500 USD ... in less than 2 years the front buttons (fan, booster, light) broke. First I noticed that the buttons where made of ... wow ... spiral plastic ... are-you kidding me!!!!!!! I called GE and the technician came and laughed and said ... GE makes these on purpose ... what??? Oh the fix these buttons you need to change the whole panel ... $325USD ... I showed the GE guy out after I paid the minimum $75 visit ...

GE is sick!!!!

If anybody can recommend a microwave that can last for more than ... 5 years ... please let me know


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GE makes lousy products, plain and simple. I had the same experience with my microwave that the poster above did.

They just don't get it. Will never buy anything they make ever again.

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