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This stove should be recalled. Why it hasn't I don't know as there are complaints going back to 2008 on high oven temperatures melting the cooktop control knobs.

I wish I had seen them before I bought this piece of junk. Even at 350F the console heats up and makes it impossible to handle the cooktop knobs. Spoke with GE and they said that the oven pouring hot air onto the cooktop console is not a defect. The oven is working properly and the melted knobs are a cosmetic issue.

W.T.F. A tech for the appliance store came out and verified that it was overheating the cooktop knobs but the store is trying to pass the buck to GE and GE is claiming there is nothing wrong with the product. I'll be damned if I'm going to eat $2000.00 for a stove I can't use for fear of being burned just by handling the knobs.

Don't ever, ever, ever, buy a GE appliance. They are Mexican manufactured *** and the company is nothing but a rip-off artist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Cooktop.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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My top makes the pot handles to hot to handle. Also now after a year and five months it is not working and just spewing gas smell in my house. GE won't back it nor will the seller of ABC warehouse.

Naperville, Illinois, United States #655294

We've had our profile range for 3 years- experienced the same issue. The metalized aluminum film on the plastic molded knob is not designed to take oven temperature heat.

The retail stores are not at fault- the GE design engineers and the value engineers must. GE probably thought they could skimp on material due to cost and get away with it...they have. Many people have bought this range.

There must be an aftermarket solution.


I bought GE Profile Gas stove over year and half ago, the bottom of over door it is rusting fast and the painting is peeling off. Do anyone one of you ahs similar problem?


UPDATE: Told this was NOT covered under warranty (though many customers are having the same issue, and a quick web search for "ge profile melting knobs" brings up pages of people experiencing the same issue). They 'kindly' offered to SELL me some replacements for $16 each (same ones, however, so I'll be in the exact some boat in another year)

WORST customer service I have EVER received hands down, and extremely disappointed at their lack of support in their products. *****DO NOT BUY GE***** as they WILL NOT stand behind their products. The MSRP on this oven is $2600 US! I would not expect a 'high end' product to have such issues, and that to add insult to injury the company will not acknowledge a problem with quality standards.

Let me recap: I tried to contact GE support through email with no response. I called GE support via phone and was told they could not assist me because I am unable to locate my serial number sticker on my oven. I facebooked GE above message

and was told that you will do everything in your power to assist (by directing me to yet another email address). I contacted that email address and was told to contact a different email address. I contacted that email address and received no response. I have recontacted that email in hopes that a secondary attempt will get a response. I am also reposting this in hopes that someone will respond.

to Melting knobs for me too. Almo Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #660826

I bought the GE PROFILE package...Frigerator, oven , dishwasher and Microwave. One problem after the other.

Replaced ice maker and was charged 190 dollars for labor the next day the ice maker fell to the bottom of the freezer(terrible service). Buyer beware.

All of the knobs have melted on mine.
I have had NO LUCK trying to work with GE. VERY POOR SERVICE!!!!!!!!! :(

I have a GE Adora model that is the exactly the same as the profile except for no fan in the oven (convection) and the display panel lacks a numeric keypad. Same guts, burners, etc.

Used the broiler keeping the oven door cracked (which is common to keep the flame going), and now all my knobs are melted on the bottom.

I've seen a newer profile model at Home Depot and the knobs were metal; should take care of the melting issue but I bet they will still get hot, hot, hot!


I have a GE Profile Double Over stove. Not even a year after I bought it all of the knobs started melting.

From reviews I'm reading it sounds like everyone who bought a GE stove is haveing the same problem. Why GE would put these cheap knobs on the stove is beyond me. My question is, will GE own up and "make it right" by replacing all knobs with a durable solutions? It's comes down to credibility, integrity and accountability.

GE needs to do the right thing and ciorrect this problem. If they dont, I warn anyone to buy a GE product.


I have the GE Profile Gas range and the knobs have melted. Unit is 3 years old.

Sears won't help. This is totally irresponsible of GE. I also have the GE Profile Fridge.

So far I've had to replace the power supply card (after warranty and the repair guy had them in his truck - "Happens all the time" he said) and all the plastice drawers break. Don't buy GE!


I bought my expensive GE Profile just one year ago and have just noticed all the knobs are melting. Why are GE putting cheap plastic knobs on ranges costing the best part of $2,000?


I have the same issue with my GE profile. I got the knobs replaced within 3 months of owning it.

When the same thing started happening withing 2 weeks of getting the replacement knobs, I gave up and just decided I would NEVER buy GE again.

I was actually at a recent dinner party and noticed the host had the same stove AND had the same "cosmetic issue." When I mentioned that I had the same problem, ANOTHER person said she had the same issue with her GE Profile as well. GE know this is an issue and has chosen to ignore it.


I didn't use my oven much over the summer. However, I baked lots of cookies and Christmas. The knobs are starting to melt, AGAIN!


A GE tech may have fixed my melting *** problem yesterday. He showed me that the oven door wasn't sealing properly because the inside part of the door wasn't plumb.

He took the door off, removed two screws, lifted the inner side of the door up and put shims in the upper left and right corners of the door.

He ordered my third set of new knobs and told me what he did will make a big difference. Only time will tell if this fix works.

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