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GE Profile Fridge - Model # PGSS5RKZCSS, I purchased this item from Home Depot and had it installed on 13 Jan. 2012. Since then I've had nothing but problems coupled with terrible customer service and terrible maintenance action (I purchased a 4 year warranty with the fridge) from GE.

First issue was on 4 April 12....had to have the service guy out to look at the water dispenser and Ice maker...they had stopped working. Also had an ice build up on the top lip of the freezer drawer...his answer to the ice build-up was to adjust the temp. setting on freezer. This was a few weeks prior to my deployment to Afghanistan......kind of set things to the side getting ready to leave...did notice that the ice was still present on the freezer lip...but the water dispenser and ice machine were working!

7 July 12...My Fiancé mails me to tell me the "open door alarm" won't stop "alarming"...she tried everything to shut it off...resealed the doors, drawers, checked seals (the ice is still all caked up around the freezer seal) which she removed, unplugged the fridge for 15 min., reset the breaker, nothing worked. She tried calling GE, no answer...she tried e-mailing them...never got an answer to this day!!! Finally got through to someone (telephone) on Monday 9 July...(yes alarm has been going off this whole time!) BTW, she made numerous calls to different service of these numbers asked her for a "case number", amazing, she had never been given one...they had no record of her phone number either.

...Didn't get anyone out to the house until Thursday; 12 July...Oh, did I mention the top freezer light is broken also (something we hadn't noticed, the repairman actually mentioned this to her) the repairman arrives at 1:45, leaves at 2:30...doesn't know why the alarm is going off, the dial in telephonic support the repairman uses didn't know why either, so he disconnects it (alarm). Says he has to order parts, he is also going to order a seal to fix the ice around the top freezer drawer (wonder why the first guy in April didn't do this?)...says he will be back next Thursday to fix everything!!! (I guess he changed the light bulb in the top freezer, haven't even asked my Fiancé...want her to still be there when I get back!!!

Jumping forwards a week to 19 July; My Fiancé has been sitting at the house waiting for the repairman to arrive...been sitting most of the day (one of her few days off....she's a Vet)…..decides to call....Automated system had her listed as getting a service call NEXT Tuesday (WTF she works on Tues.!!). Turns out that none of the parts came in for the fridge (funny I can get parts in Afghanistan in 3 days via DHL!!!) Seems that "someone" had changed her appointment without asking her. Probably because the parts had not arrived (still trying to figure that person out and WTF is up with getting parts in a timely manner). So the last mail I received was that she (Fiancé) had been on hold with GE service dept. trying to figure out what's going on with the repair of our NEW GE PROFILE REFRIGERATOR!!!

BTW, as I mentioned earlier, we purchased this fridge from Home Depot, they have been great (at least answered our Request for Assistance)...even tried to get us a new fridge from GE!!!....GE won't do it...have to have 3 service calls for the same issue...unfortunately, I now associate GE with HD...Guess more business for either of them!!!!

One more thing...all the major appliances' in our kitchen are know that will never happen again!!! Wish I could leave my e-mail address (right here) so you could contact me.....I will tell you this....GE has zero Quality Assurance / Quality Control, Terrible material and workmanship, even worse customer service and their maintenance program ..... Well….. let's just say I can't type that word here....but it sure says a lot about the company as a whole!!! V/r NI...... a very pissed off customer in MILTON, FL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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I totally agree with you. I can't even reach their service center in malaysia.

No one pick up calls and no service centers either! Terrible.


I have had so many problems with my brand new GE fridge as well, but the worst parts is their customer service!


I'm sorry for the difficulty. Please emails us details including serial number, name, complete address, phone number and service contract number and we'll check into this for you. Our email address is

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