Seneca, Illinois
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This refridgerator is less than 3 years old & the circuit board fried on it yesterday. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The first month a piece broke off of the Ice Maker which makes the ice comes out in one big chunk now. The crisper drawer holder broke. The drawer now sits cockeyed because there is nothing to hold the drawer in place. The third thing that popped off was the door latch that insures the fridge door stays closed & the door handle is loose with no apparent way to fix it.

Of course, the only thing that is warrantied is the compressor & cooling components, but they Don't work without the main circuit board.

The only thing that works is the light bulb. Expensive piece of junk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I purchased an expensive GE Profile French Door Refrigerator on 4/24/10. It was delivered on 4/26/10.

First, I plugged the unit in and it failed to cool. I went through all the troubleshooting tips in the manual without any luck. After dialing 5 different phone numbers, I was able to speak to a GE representative. The representative walked me through the process of turning the unit on.

I asked them why this information was not in the user manual…they didn’t know. Immediately after the unit started to cool, I heard very noticeable noise coming from it. I called the GE service number, and they sent out their repair person. The repair person told my wife that there was nothing wrong with the unit.

I knew better, so I made them come out again and stayed home from work to be there. The repairman agreed that there was something wrong. He opened up the back of the unit and said he fixed it. The unit is still not fixed properly.

I talked to GE Customer Service Representatives (Tee – Employee # 682851 & Lanee – Employee # 644793), and I told them that my GE refrigerator was a lemon. I asked them to replace it. They said that GE will not replace a refrigerator unless it is completely broken. I do not believe that GE cares about customer satisfaction.

I will continue to fight this battle with GE.

I recommend against buying GE appliances. They will not stand behind their product.

I have PSH23PSRA :( It is a piece of junk. I have spent more in repairs that on the actual refrigerator!

it is a nightmare. I will never buy GE again. The circuit board went out and cost me $700. The drawer broke and now it STINKS for no reason!

I can't afford to call a repairman now. I called and wrote to GE but they don't help at all.

This is Megan from GE. Sorry to hear about your refrigerator issues. If you can email me the details (model #, etc.) at, I can have someone look into it.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #96411
I bought a GE Profile refrigerator on Dec 13 and and it quit working on the 17th . The repair man is supposed to come by today and they are to replace the unit on the coming Tues.

I am really upset and worried that this thing won't last 20 years like my Kenmore from Sears.

I had to throw away a lot of food. :cry

do your self a favor when you buy a new refrigerator get a whirlpool with titanium crisper shelves so when you kick them with your foot they won't break tell your kids to stop hanging on the door handles sounds like appliance abuse to me


I have a model PFS22SISBBS - french door, the crisper has fallent apart.

Agree with conclusion.

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