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I have a GE Profile Dishwasher that was part of a product recall due to fire hazard. The jet dry dispenser leaks into the door of the washer and the rinse agent gets into the electrical connections posing a fire hazard. GE was offering either a $150 rebate on a new GE dishwasher or a repair kit.

Since I didn't want to pay additional money out of pocket for a new GE dishwasher when the one I have is clearly defective and I think the rebate should've been good for ANY brand dishwasher, I chose to have the dishwasher "repaired."

The installation kit came with a new electrical harness and some insulation for inside the door, but it didn't include a replacement for some of the black insulation which was located inside the dishwasher door which was also damaged by the leaky dispenser. GE said that that particular insulation wasn't covered by the recall and I'd have to pay to have it repaired because it wasn't included with the repair kit.

Please note that ALL of the damage was caused by the defective part. When I asked the repair man if it was safe to run the dishwasher without the missing insulation, he said it was just his job to install the repair kit, waved at me and LEFT. I don't even know if it's safe to operate the dishwasher.

I've already contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to complain about the scope of the recall. I don't believe that GE should charge me to repair damage that was caused by a part that's been recalled.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

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They offered me only $100 towards a new unit. I opted for the 'repair' - it's been 8 weeks, 5 calls to mabe and over 10 calls to the local company repair company.

I won't be purchasing another GE product any time soon!

I have 5 people in my house- we need the dishwasher every day. The service has been unacceptable - shame on mabe!


I would like to get more information on the recall on GE dishwashers


I bought a GE profile dishwasher it lasted 3 days past the warranty..cost 400.00 dollars to repair ..turned itself on an burned up ... now my GE profile micowave stoped working so dissapointed will never by GE again ..just waiting for my refrigerator and double oven to stop working...GE profile you failed.....


Hi, this is Di with GE. I am sorry for the frustration you have felt as a result of your dishwasher repair.

The black insulation is mastic sound absorption material. The mastic is removed as part of the repair.

It is perfectly ok to use the dishwasher without the mastic. Should you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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