We remodeled our kitchen this past summer, and replaced all of our appliances with GE Profile Series appliances. My problem is with the dishwasher.

The only good thing I can say about it is that it is quiet.

We have yet to have a load of dishes come out of the dishwasher without at least two or three items needing to be rewashed.

I used to be annoyed when I had to pre-scrub some items prior to putting them through our old Whirlpool dishwasher, but now I have to scrub everything, and often still find I have to wash things afterward due to filminess or random food particles that apparently have come off of one item only to have adhered to another. We have tried changing detergent, and we use Jet Dry, and I know the water has to be hot enough since I've scalded my hand at the sink, but the darn thing just is an absolute piece of ***!

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I have to agree with other posts as well, my GE dishwasher doesn't wash clean at all. We spent money over the different types of detergents but never worked, I will never buy a GE brand again.


We bought a GE dishwasher at Home Depot, had it installed and we're really disappointed. It runs for up to 3 or 4 hours, doesn't clean some of the dishes and never cleans half or more of the silverware.

Our Kenmore from Sears at the old house never gave us any problem.

This GE model GFD520 or something close to that has 2 spray arms, steam, temp boost, sanitize and 4 cleaning cycle settings including auto sense and no matter what settings and even using Cascade as recommended by the store we can't get it to clean the dishes. I won't buy another GE dishwasher.

Bill in Baltimore

to Anonymous #1031247

I have to update post. We bought the Cacade platinum single load pouches and the dishes are not only clean but the film is gone.

I wish Home Depot told us 18 months ago. Would have saved a lot of time and energy running the machine over and washing dishes by hand.

Bill in Baltimore

Spring, Texas, United States #830849

Same problem as everyone else with our profile dishwasher. dirty dishes.

We bought this because ge said our older model ge could cause a fire.

That one worked great by the way. I have taken all the rotating arms off and cleaned out the waste area which had pieces of plastic from something other than our dishes.

With a clothes hanger I also removed plastic from the spinners.

I'm wondering if the plastic pole connecting to the back water outlet from the upper basket is not sealing correctly. Or the water pressure from the bottom to the top

outlet is not strong enough.


I have to agree with everyone else! We have only had our GE Profile dishwasher a few years, and it is horrible!

I am so sick of having to wash "clean" dishes! Just tonight I pulled pieces of plastic from the holes in the washer arms! That had to come from the factory like that!

There is no way large pieces of plastic made their way in those holes! I will never buy GE again!


the problem isit does not filter out dirt and water spray isnot hard enough. and they know it?

They have tried to fix it. Research this. Force them to compensate; I bought the house with the washer in it so i could not.

But you can. and post your disfavor in the review section on their site.They will respond like they did to me.





Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States #801016

Also proud owner of piece if **** dishwasher. Spent an hour pulling tiny rubber washers out of the top spray arm with a tweezers.

Who knows how those got in there. Hoping for an early dishwasher death so I can replace it.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #731067

GE Profile dishwasher is ***. Does not clean dishes.

Advertises that it cleans baked on egg and cheese. Ha!!! It doesn't clean anything including rinsed coffe cups. Have tried every setting with the steam and extra heat options, rinsing and hold for two hours, expense detergents to cheap detergents, rinsing agents, etc.

I make sure the over 120 degree water is ran to sink first. Plumbers rechecked the installation. Place i bought it from replaced it with same, hoping it was a lemon. Same lemon result.

GE service matches their appliance ***. A service man came, checked the water pressure and told me it was working as designed but I could call a service rep and they could help me. Service rep told me that she couldn't do anything because it was working as designed, but she can give me a discount on a new GE dishwasher. Of course I said this was unacceptable so she assigned me a "special" case number and said a special tech would come out and take a look.

He did the same thing. Checked to make sure it was actually running and said it was "working as designed". To save time this "procedure" happened four times and each time the same was repeated They just don't care that it's not cleaning dishes. So I can only say that if it's working as designed it's only a water waster, not a dishwasher.

They wear you down. No amount of phone calls or emails make a difference. After blasting a few of the techs, they would always admit off record the new dishwashers are a bad design and that their job has been reduced to being badgered by customers. One of them called the designer dept while he was here because I was on his case so much.

That guy said they don't make them make them like they used to. It's been five months,and thanks to quality dealer I bought it from is going to change it out again with a KitchenAid. If I can save anyone the aggravation and anger that we have been through it will make it all worthwhile. PS.

This was a full kitchen renovation. The microwave oven beeps for No reason and the panel has been changed out once, still beeps. The oven does not broil, it only dries out meats and fish. The Refrigerator is cheap plastic and rattles for no reason and it's very small, even though it's supposed to be the same cubic footage as my last profile.

These were replaced for old profile appliances which I liked very much.

They were 17 years old, and donated them to a good home. Wish I could have them back.


Bought a GE Profile Dishwasher to match our new built-in ovens, what a mistake. Had trouble from the beginning, dishes came out hazy and when I called GE they said to use the recommended detergent, I did, dishes came out hazy and smelled like detergent, they messed around long enough with that and getting someone out to fix the controls which did not work properly until enough time lapsed I could not get a refund. The dishwasher turned itself on after a power outage, it was not running when the power went out and was running non stop for god knows how long before it was noticed. This happened at Thanksgiving time and they had service out at 6 weeks so had to do thanksgiving dishes by hand, after that they postponed another 2 weeks.

Got a replacement dishwasher thanks to Home Depot Manager. The dishes come out stinky and hazy, sometimes there is visible soap residue on the glassware. I have even ran the dishes through a second no detergent cycle and still had residue on the dishes. The controls do not work. We have to turn power on and close the door 3 or 4 times before it will come on. We are afraid to leave the circuit breaker on when we leave as we are unsure if it will start on it's own like the first one did.

It is also the worst designed layout for loading any dishes.

This is totally unacceptable as soap residue causes intestinal difficulties and you should not have to be afraid that your dishwasher will take on a life of it's own and start. I highly recommend you do not waste your money on this dishwasher.

GE has extremely poor custormer support. Home Depot support was great. This make two GE Profile Dishwasher in less than a year and two strike outs. They will not get the chance for a third out, we are getting a Kitchen Aid.

Bellevue, Nebraska, United States #659089

My old dishwasher was a Hotpoint,just a cheap,noisy dishwasher which worked excellent,we did not even clean the plates prior washing.The dirtier the better and came out sparkling.

This GE PROFILE IS A PIECE OF ***.You have to clean and rinse everything before putting in an d they still don"t clean.

Ran hot water first so hot would start at beginning of wash and that did not help. Switched to a phasfate detergent (the old stuff they removed off market)and still don't clean,


Orlando, Florida, United States #641964

As the rest, from day 1, it did not wash (made worse) anything. I thought I knew how to use a dishwasher,LOL.

I do, it just dose not. Tried every thing including hands washing. Where are the consumer protection people, Ralph,where are you when I need you.

Repair says they have a retro fits for it. Has anyone out there had it and did it work?

Succasunna, New Jersey, United States #613836
Our GE Profile dishwasher is a 1000.00 piece of *** - it has never cleaned dishes properly. We also have a GE Profile refrigerator and gas range, the refrigerator had to be replace within 1 year as main control board kept acting up and inside temp went to room temp and after that a few years later the main control board went again!!!

The range has had numerous ignitor problems for oven and broiler.

We will never purchase another GE appliance ever again>>>>> :( :( :( :upset is putting it mildly... Spending over 5K on new appliances you should never have a problem!
Ithaca, New York, United States #599399
:( :( what apiece pf junk. Why don't we sue class action or something?

Of course that won't clean dishes. I can't afford to buy a mew one. I am so pissed! I decided that it was a water problem too.

So i dared to drill two more holes in The bottom arm. That helped a teeny bit. I think i will make more. After all it couldn't be much worse.

Maybe we could open the inn valve more somehow. I really don t know how to,do these things. But what the ***. GE knows that they made a lemon.

Let s write to a news something. ( obviously not nbc).

Same experience as all others. I too thought it was just us or just our unit.

Wishing it would die soon.

. .


This dishwasher is terrible. Period. Will never buy another GE product.


My GE Profile dishwasher is a piece of ***. I have taken every measure recommended by service personnel, including frequently running a costly dishwasher cleaner and I still have uneven cleaning and dirty dishes.

The latest recommendation from Gerhart service...Buy a new one! ( It's only 3 years old)

:( The Same with mine!! POS from day 1.

Same problem as everyone else... Does not clean at all, we have to pre wash everything!! To make matters worse. My first GE Profile POS!

burned up with $100.00 of dishes inside 2 week2 after it was installed! Ya they replaced the entire thing but it did not clean any better. I am pretty much going to scrap this one and get something else.

I will never buy a GE product again!!!

And I thought it was just me. My GE Profile dishwasher, for which I paid a pretty penny has never cleaned well.

I just discovered after years of dissatisfaction, that there must be a design flaw as I see many others with the same issues. I figured out today that the bottom and middle spray arms (which constantly are clogged) are not even spinning. The only thing working is the tiny top spray arm. What a joke!

Please tell me how to fix this myself without having to pay for a repair man.

I'd rather pour vinegar on a paper cut! Thanks for letting me vent.


Ditto!!!!!! to all the above!

This is the worse dishwasher I have ever had! I have had an older GE model in the past and I had no problem. I to had the service man come out, and it has NEVER really cleaned my dishes completely day one. And the service man was no help it still does not clean all the dishes.

I've had Bosch diswashers as well, if I could do it over I'd buy another Bosch. So new buyers BEWARE!

of the GE Profile diswasher. (buy the way I have all the other profile products, stove, fridge, micro no problem there)

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