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We purchased a GE Profile Stainless Steel premium dishwasher in 2006 from Home Depot, it was ok until the week after the extened warrently was up. Then a gasket blew and ruined our hardwood floor.

Now two years later the same gasket blew and ruined our floor for the second time and damaged two suites below ours.

The gasket is the flimsiest rubber material possilbe, like a balloon.

I contacted Home Depot to report and they put me on to Mabe Canada, the distriburtor I believe, and they said so sad too bad, nothing we can do your warrenty is up. It is now between my insurance company and GE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

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I got the same Dishwasher from Home Depot. Before the warranty ran out the door sprung and could not be fixed.

They delivered a new upgraded one since mine had been discontinued - I hoped it cleaned better than my orginial purchase. It does not.

Now the warranty has expired 2 months before the keypad quit working. I will never buy GE again - worse experience with any appliance - exp a high end appliance.

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