We purchased a $2700.00 GE Profile French Door Bottom Freezer with external Icemaker in 2009. It was highly recommended in the Consumer Reports magazine. The first fridge failed to cool as soon as we plugged it in. The technician said the compressor was dead. We contacted the seller and requested a brand new fridge and they complied. The meat tray in the fridge rolled out crooked and we had that serviced.

In July of 2012, water was accumulating in the meat tray as well as underneath it. It constantly puddled. In August 2012, the icemaker failed and a service call was placed. The icemaker was dead and had to be replaced. While waiting for the icemaker part the LED screen on the door went strange with flashing lights constantly on. The water continued to puddle in the meat tray. After the technician returned, he took the back panel off the fridge and noticed that the coils were frozen solid with ice. He discovered that the heating element was never plugged in properly to prevent ice build up.

I called MABE Canada - service reps for GE appliances and they offered to pay $150.00 of a $443.00 service bill due to the fridge being out of warranty. My argument with GE Appliances is that these products arrived in a poor quality condition and the consumer is left to have to remedy inferior production standards of high end appliances. When a person invests $2700.00 on a fridge there is an implied standard of quality in existence. Clearly with these GE appliances this has been proven wrong. We also had a GE Profile dishwasher, now part of a huge recall due to faulty electrical issues, that arrived with a bent frame and was deemed irreparable by the service technician. The front door always squeaked loudly when opening and closing. Two technicians came to service it and the second technician actually pulled the unit out and noticed the bent frame. I asked for my money back on that unit and am so glad. I purchased a Miele dishwasher and am most assuredly satisfied with this product’s quality.

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