Grayslake, Illinois
Not resolved

I remodeled my kitchen a decided to purchase multi ge profile. All was fine with my fridge until around 3 years of time.

Temps started to to jump all over the place. I called GE and they did come out and replaced a motherboard. Went about two years and it started again. Started out with small temp variations.

Now it all over the scale. The biggest issue is my freezer never gets below 15 deg. ge came out 2 times and now say its another board that is bad. They started off saying it would be about $1000.

I am disgusted that a company like ge will not stand behind there product. I will never buy ge again. Will make sure all family and friend hear the story of big GE not standing behind what they make.

I have read many complaints about this fridge with the same type of issues. What doe it take for GE to issue a recall??

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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