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We used to think that GE appliances were great because we had appliances built by them that lasted for over thirty years. For remodeling we decided to replace them with new GE Profile appliances. The refrigerator has been repaired by GE about six times, and even had new doors replaced and the ice maker still only works about half of the time.

The oven started failing after only five years. The digital panel has had a problem since we bought the oven. The second time we used the oven it would not cut off! This should have been a warning that there was a design flaw, but we kept it and now the digital panel has went out after only being replaced in 2009.

Every repairman has told us that GE is a bunch of *** ever since they left the US to get their cheap foreign labor.

Do not buy their products unless you want a lot of expense and aggravation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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I bought GE appliances because they are an American company. Within 2 years of purchasing my expensive dishwasher, it had a run away heater and melted anything many things.

It also melted the wheel, the drawer itself and the guts that were metal. It took 3.5 hours to get someone on the phone that day. The GE repair man came & went before I could speak to customer service. He left after I paid him the fee for coming and told me it would cost $500 to fix it!

Yes I finally spoke to a nice gentleman and he had the parts sent to my house and the repair man came back to fix it. In February, my GE profile fridge stopped working the temp was 81 when I looked in it at 7am. the night before it was fine. Of course ALL the food had spoiled .

I called the customer complaint line again and they graciously sent out someone who fixed the problem. Now 45 days later, the fridge does the same thing but it's Saturday afternoon. SO I call mad I can't stand it and hear 15 times a patronizing "WE APOLOGIZE". But we can arrange for a service person to be there between 1pm & 5pm on MONDAY!

So just borrow a neighbor's fridge and inconvenience them.

So I bought a back up mini fridge because i reset the GE again and anticipate it failing again in another 45 days or less.

GE isn't made in something else.....It has now cost me over $500 in just January & February to replace things GE has broken.


Hi Sunnyday, this is Vikki with GE. I regret to hear about the diffculties you have experienced with your GE appliances. Please email us the details at and let us check into this for you.

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