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My Trivection double oven unit is only 17 months old. I did not purchase an extended warranty. Neither oven is working properly so can't use them.

While they promptly sent out a repairman the next day after I called, he had to order the parts. Upon returning a week later and opening the box of parts that had been sent to my home, he announced he was missing a part that was back-ordered and it would be another week. So it will be 2 weeks with no oven other than my Advantium speed cook microwave, not to mention having to cancel dinner invitations to my home.

I bought an entire suite of Monogram appliances for my kitchen. To have extended warranties on 7 different items would have been hundreds of dollars per year. GE said they would pay for the service call ($80) and parts ($1,000) but not the labor. I am stuck with $250 (plus tax) for the labor since it will take 2 men to pull the unit from the cabinet. I do not think it unreasonable to expect so called top-of-the-line appliances to last at least a couple of years. Of the 7 items I bought, I've had problems with 4 of them. At least the other 3 were still under warranty.

GE obviously has no quality assurance program in place for manufacturing their appliances. Guess it's cheaper to pay for some parts and stick it to the consumer than invest the manpower needed to oversee their manufacturing processes which they probably can't do anyway since they have most likely outsourced parts to places all over the world in order to save money. The heck with quality as long as their bottom line looks good and the consumer foots the bill.

Shame on you GE. Is this how you run your appliance division, Mr. Ray Graft, President of the appliance division? The least you can do for my numerous inconveniences with your appliances is pay the entire bill for this repair.

My prior GE kitchen appliances were 19 years old before they quit except the refrigerator which was 30 years old before it quit!!

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My trivection oven has made buzzing and clacking noises after 6 months of use. It was serviced 2 times and although it improved, after a while the noise gets louder and annoying.

I do not recall ovens making noises; this is not normal. Why cant they fix it?


Hi, this is Vikki with GE. I apologize for the difficulty you are experiencing with your Monogram Trivection oven. Please email the details to us at and we will review your situation.


We are having the same issues with the Trivection. It was the best thing we had ever purchased for about 6 months then the exhaust fan went and they repaired it no cost.

7 months later the fan has gone again and now the microwave feature doesn't work. My wife used the speedcook feature every day prepairing food for our 2year old and when we told that to the repair man he said that these ovens aren't designed for heavy use. he said most people don't use their ovens every day and that we have probably put 15 years on a product in the past year. This in my opinion is bull.

we are upset that the product is falling apart on us especially since it wasn't cheap. I have 3 other appliances to purchase and I will make sure none are GE because of this product.

Doesn't GE stand for 'Good Enough' ?
LOL. :grin

Same problems here. I am very disapointed in the Monogram.

My appliances are 3 years old and the Trivection oven periodically shuts down during cooking and takes a hour to reset itself. My dishwasher has rusted out both racks twice and the icemaker in the fridge stops working for weeks at a time.


Monogram has a 2 yr, warranty on all of their and labor!! I don't believe that G.E.

told you that you have to pay for anything, and as far as a part being on backorder that is just a part of life, get over it!! You say you have an advantium so bake in that. I have a kitchen full of G.E. and I have never had a problem...I would buy them over and over again.

Check out how Viking, Wolf and Thermador handle their customer complaints.. You should always know how long of a warranty you have it is in your owners manual...and if you are in a new build your warranty does not start until the date that you move in.


I've had problems with my Trivection double oven as well. It was worked on originally after installation and now it seems that the microwave element has gone up as well. GE Monogram is NOT a reliable product.


I never buy the extended service plans. It is a way for companies to make extra money on poorly built products.

Of the 4 GE appliances I have 4 have had problems and some appliances multiple problems. I will never buy anything GE again!

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