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This was not a cheap fridge. It costs me more to maintain this refrigerator than it costs to maintain my car - about $1000 a year.

The compressor has broken, the condenser has broken, the cooling, defrosting drawer has broken, the fridge has stopped working (3x) and everything spoiled, the freezer has stopped working 4x and everything has spoiled. The ice maker has broken, Today the fridge has decided to freeze everything, What a piece of ***! We are a family of 2. We do not abuse this appliance.

All the repair people have said I should have gotten a sub-zero. I am stuck with this item which would be very costly to remove, (Refrigerator came in before railings were installed and besides replacing a huge side by side refrigerator that cost 10K is not an easy thing to do.)

Do not buy a GE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Repair.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Same thing - last year $750- repair and now something with ice maker dispenser. What a piece of ----!


Let me know if you do...


I also have a side-by-side GE Monogramm stainless fridge, model (ZFSB23DNDSS. Its been 6 years and it stopped working.

A GE tech inspected the fridge and he told me the mother board has gone bad, Evap fan and the electronic compressor starter relay are also bad. The cost is on parts/labor are approx over $800. I bought this fridge prior to going on deployment to Iraq and when I get back I'm having to deal with this issue.

The fridge is out of warranty and I've called GE Consummer relations for help and no return call as of yet. I'm hoping to get some help from GE.

to Joe North Salem, New York, United States #683822

FORGET IT ge IS NO help. I have all GE appliances every one of them is a peice of ----.

The people at GE do not give a *** they do absolutely nothing except appologize for my inconvenience (a scrippted appology). my fridge is about 10 years old and every part including simple peices inside the frig have been replaced and still the fridge freezes food and the freezer is warm and everything melts. water does not come out of the dispenser and the ice has a chemicle flavor...MMMMMM good. Three years ago I bought a GE oven and stove top and microwave when I remoddled my kitchen.

Oven did not work properly from day 1. It nevr gets hot enough and the broiler does not broil it bakes. I have a service contract and no one was able to fix it. They replaced the thermostat, the coils, and whatever else with no luck.

10 service calls in the first year and still GE would not replace it. I just suffer with it now. the microwave went bust after 12 months and the stove top had to repared twice within the first year. The downdraft stopped elevating due to a falty button apparently it cannot get wet but the button is installed on the countertop next to one of the burners.

UM water sometimes boils over and the button gets wet so now what Too bad not their problem. I will never buy anothe rGE product for as long as I live and the ironic thing is I used to swere by GE Thirty years ago when I built my house we installed all GE appliences and removed them three years ago for the remodle.

Believe it or not they were in perfect working condition not even repaired once in all those years. Quite a different company Now!

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