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spent a forutne for the ge monogram , separte refrigeratetor and freezer,

I have black mole growing inside and I am furious. Who's to tell if it's growing on the food.

First call I made, the woman said to use bleach to get rid of it (????) duh.. of course I know that, I just to know why it is growing in the first place. What is the problem. Really pissed.

Said she never heard of this problem and doesn't even know what should be serviced. In all my life, I have Never had a problem like this with a refrigerator.

Pissed is not even the word

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San Francisco, California, United States #1096548

We also have a G.E. monogram that grows mold.

The first one we had was growing mold and was still under warranty so we had it replaced.

The replacement also grows mold. I will never buy another over priced petri dish.

Piper. I see what you mean...

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Los Angeles, California, United States #746876

I've been fighting this issue since 2007, and it never occurred to me until today to see if others are going through the same nightmare. I clean my fridge religiously and the mold keeps coming back.

Now that I've read about folks having it in their walls behind their built-in units, I'm obsessed with getting back there. I pray that I don't have an issue or GE is going to be remodeling my kitchen and paying for a Subzero, which I have in my other house and it's perfect



I also had a GE MONOGRAM that was leaking slowly over some years and caused the area surrounding this built in piece of *** to be covered in BLACK MOLD!!!! Black mold is TOXIC!!!!

GE ended up paying over $50,000. to repair the damage to my home. OH yeah they also gave me a new $7,000 replacement model. This offer was made after I went on CBS2 news with Pam Zekman here in Chicago.

GE needs to do the right thing and recall their defective product!!!!! Someone needs to stop them!!!!!

to dola Denville, New Jersey, United States #714397

Glad you were able to get them to give you a fridge. I was not so fortunate.

For my $4400 stand alone SS SxS fridge they offered me a deal for a new one for $2150. Thats the lowest they would go. I refused to take it and another GE product.

I bought a LG french door fridge for just $600 more than their offer and am very happy. GE consumer service has the wrong name - to should be GE Consumer Non-service!


usmcdeathcard- your comment about "just keep your stuff clean" is out of line. You obviously don't know the situation.

The problem IS DEFINITELY with the refrigerator. We too have been fighting an ongoing battle with MOLD in our high-end GE MONOGRAM.

So far GE has not been helpful, I am hoping Vikki at GE will be. And so what- Kyarjan made a typo........


sorry you are right , spelled wrong it is MOLD and it is the refrigerators problem, I keep a very clean refrigerator, but there is alot of moisture inside, causing the mold and I want to know what the problem is and how it can be fixed. Apparently there is class action laswsuit going on.


Hi Kyarjan, This is Vikki with GE. I regret to hear of the difficulty you are experiencing. Please send the details to us at and we'll be happy to look into this for you.


Wow! Black mole.

Did it build a nest in the butter tray or where? They say moles dont come around unless you have grub worms, but you have to get rid of the grub worms, then the moles will leave. Somewhere in that refrigerator there is a pack of grub worms.

Now if your talking about black MOLD...thats a whole different subject.

Just keep your stuff clean you wont have that issue. Its not the refrigerators fault.

to usmcdeathcard Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #602724

I clean my fridge at least twice a months, since I am highly allergic to mold. Still, I have a black mold all over my fridge, some places are impossible to clean. Hate that fridge!

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