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Dishwasher recall mother board, microwave mother board shot, microwave light broke, GE / hotpoint fridge part WR55x10490 inverter bad. How can that be in just 4 years ~ You have to call a separate department for recall so if you don't know a parts been recalled then you get charged.....

They wanted over $500 for dishwasher so I searched on line and found part had been recalled. Then I called and complained and I'm like if you knew this was a recall part why didn't the technician tell me.

They blamed it on tech stating he was a sub and they would address issue - sure.....

They are also not recalling parts they know are going bad like this one (inverters WR55X10490)!!!! Call customer relations and they can offer credits 800-386-1215

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

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This is Nikki with GE. We would be glad to look into this for you if you like. Please email us at eResponse@ge.com If you could, please include the model and serial number and your contact information.

Thank you

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