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For the first 3 years this unit functioned but always had a problem with condensation and temperature regulating. In the last year we have had it serviced 7 times and had several different parts replaced.

Several times we were left with a non functioning unit for a week at a time right after it had been serviced and failed again. The service departmant could not come back sooner than a week later! They agree this is unusual for the unit to require so much servicing but do not consider it "unrepairable". Wrote to CEO and head office and actually received a call telling me that the best they could do was charge me 60% of my original purchase price to replace it!!!

They agree the unit should last 10-15 years but are not willing to stand behind the quality of their products since ours started failing in less than 3 years. Bottom line is they want another 2500$ from me or I can live with my lemon!!

What a way to stand behind the quality of their products!!! Pathetic!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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