Jacksonville, North Carolina

Heating element "exploded" in the drying cycle and caused twisted metal and a white powder covering the entire inside of the dishwasher and dishes. Several broken dishes/glasses. The twisted metal is a 3 inch piece separated from all and laying at the bottom. The Heating element is broke apart and displays a spring item inside. When this happened there was a loud boom and steam, powder emitted out the vent. Heating element was , of course, very hot. This is a GE Monogram dishwasher Model Number ZBD0710K03.Has anyone experience this aspect in their Dishwasher and what would be the final repair solution ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Dishwasher.

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East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #903259

Dishwasher not drying dishes black deposits etched onto dishes hole in heating element with molten edges

to AlxA East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #924767

Follow-up: Dishwasher fixed Dec.2014 free of charge thank you very much but now makes loud grinding noise everytime it drains Waiting for GE to get back to me Very unhappy with product (Monogram) and consistent numerous repairs


I will let you know how Cindy with GE resolves this one. Atleast I know I am not the only person with the same problem.

My dishwasher exploded on 04-07-2012.

Scared me to death the explosion the smoke and the hole in the dishwasher. Sounds like another GE recall.



This is Nikki with GE. We would like to look into this for you. Can you email us the service history and your home phone number? The address is eResponse@ge.com


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