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I have two GE monogram 42" refrigerators and the invertors fail about every 3 to 4 years ($500 each time). It is very evident that this refrigerator is poorly designed because the inverter keeps failing (part number wr55x10490).

This really sucks considering these units cost about $6,000 each.

GE --- I do not know what it takes to keep your customers happy but it sure would be a step in the right direction if you would fix this problem.

I know I will not buy another GE refrigerator until this problem is fixed. I hope this will help GE do the right thing and fix this problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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This is also a problem on GE Profile as well. My inverter just failed again for the 4th time. The last one went bad in just 20 months.


same problem here....


Same problem here with my Monogram. I'll never buy another GE refrigerator.

Fernley, Nevada, United States #1194398

Obviously this problem CONTINUES!

Same problem here!


OUR "SET" FRIG, STOVE, DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE 7 Years old set now the ENTIRE SET has failed...

quite costly to repair JUNK!


Call a competent service technician. It's not the fridge

Placentia, California, United States #911680

I have the same problem, i have ge monogram 42" refrigerator. The inverter goes bad in 3 yrs then new one lasted 1 1/2 year.

Just replace another new one. The frig is only 8yrs old.

to Wayne Clovis, New Mexico, United States #1355390

same problem, the inverter goes out every year and a half.

Flower Mound, Texas, United States #882102

Omg,so many complains about ge monogram refrigerator. Guys, I am going to file complain with Bbb and consumer agency. Please file a complaint.I want ge to issue recall and reimburse the money I spent.


You got it!!!! I said the same thing.

They mount the inverter onto the compressor (which gets so hot, you cannot touch it). What morons! They want you to help fund their inverter program, which making the HVAC guys rich! My appliance repair was a foreigner off the boat who was great at diagnosing the issue...big deal!

He must replace a dozen a week. Then he charges me $750 to replace a $169 part!!!

What a *** rip! Lets hope their jet engines are built a little better!~

to Rambone #1441872

Just had my inverter replaced FOR THE THIRD TIME and it's clear GE has recognized they had an engineering problem, as the new module has a big new metal plate (heat sink) attached to it. Yes GE, you really need to acknowledge that you {{Redacted}} up on this one and compensate owners!!!!


Same problem here. The inverter overheatsbecause it is attached to the compressor which tend to run hot.

Even hotter if the condensor coils are clogged with dirt, dust , lint etc. Clean the condensor coils (requires pulling the unit out of the cabinets to get to the back side of it) and relocate the inverter up and away from the compressor as the cable will allow.

I doubt seriously that that GE will acknowledge or admit this design flaw but maybe this information will help you keep them running until you see any other brand but GE in your future. The problem is, the very same Embraco compressor and inverter are used in many different manufacturers refrigerators.

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