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Update by user Nov 06, 2017

Inverter board went out again in June '17. Did not have time to deal with GE terrible customer service.

Paid too much for a replacement part they had at a local parts house. GE Cust Svc worthless, they would have to schedule a tech, come diagnose, then replace part. I don't need you to diagnose it, it is burnt, for the 5th time now!!! I have a 5 year warranty after replacing with them, but didn't have time to deal with it and lose more food.

Suggestion is to buy spare part off Amazon (under $100) and have it on hand, IT WILL BREAK AGAIN. Never again GE, never again!

Update by user Oct 05, 2015

Guys when you check this posting, please READ THROUGH ALL COMMENTS, there is a lot of good info. People keep asking me questions that are answered in the posting.

IF you replaced the invertor with GE, there is an additional 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the part. I have replaced 3 of them using this warranty. READ your manual, and check. Sealed System is warranted for 10 years (Compressor, lines, etc).

I have had my entire system replaced because of a leak they couldn't find.

ALSO, there is info about a different control board that increases cooling fan speed and frequency. I haven't tried it but people say it is worth the price, buy it through

Update by user Sep 02, 2014

Please contact me directly on my e-mail (that goes for anyone who has this problem), I can help! scwaz(at)msn(dot)com

Original review posted by user Dec 31, 2011

Copy of E-mail I sent GE:

I spent thousands of $$$ on putting all monogram appliances into my re-modeled home, purchased from Spencer's in Phoenix AZ.

The Refrigerator (ZISS480DRISS) broke…of course following the warranty period by a couple months.

The GE Tech replaced the invertor board (WR55X10490), it had gone bad. The Embraco (MFG) part number is VCC3 1156 01 F 04.

This unit mounts directly to the compressor which is a high heat generating component. The invertor also generates a lot of heat due to the nature of the part (high voltage conversion).

The unit he pulled off the refrigerator approximately a year ago was obviously heat damaged and failed. My concern at that time was this would just keep happening if the design was poor and subjected to higher heat than could be dissipated in the refrigerator design. Well, my fears were realized!!

I have another unit which exhibits the exact same heat damage and my refrigerator is down again. (see picture of browning plastic where the heat effect has taken place).

You have a serious design flaw and Vendor part that is sub-standard and I'm assuming which the same has a VERY HIGH FAILURE RATE, and should be considered for Recall.

There has got to be more customers with this same issue, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Let's get GE to stand BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS, not excuses by a Brazillian Company (Embraco) who makes poorly engineered and manufactured components!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Provide Free parts until the design defect is fixed.

Ge Appliances Pros: Tech has always been super helpful.

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Has anyone relocated the board and had success with it lasting?


I'm on the third inverter board replacement. Second inverter board only lasted a year.

Several folks suggested to replace the main board (WR55X10560) as well. My first diagnostic is showing main board seems to be fine. Will replacing the main board definitely prolong the life the inverter board? Could someone confirm this?

Also, I would like to know if there's any progress made on class action lawsuit for GE refrigerators. Thank you.


Ever since GE was bought out by the chinks at Haier, the quality has gone down hill, and so has the company. I hope it burns down.


I can't believe I have to replace this part again


Chalk up another major complaint here too; the VCC3 1156 C1 F 57 got toasted in my 3 year old GE fridge. this number is not to be found anywhere and there's no way to tell if others close are compatible.

I'm looking at ditching this fridge too for another brand.

to C.P.D. GE no more #1617423

Any VCC3 1156 inverter should work. Ebay $50. My 200D5948P003 from '11 was nowhere to be found, until I found the Embraco Nomenclature Embraco-Inverter-Compressor.pdf.


Grrrrrrrr! Not that it matters but

VCC3 1156 1C F 50


My Central air went out and before I got a new system installed the indoor temp got close to 100* F a couple of times. Now the Compressor control board (VCC3 1156 1C F 58) on my Fridge has failed.

I can't find the TOS so I'm just clicking agree and moving on, hope I haven't violated any of them

Pasco County, Florida, United States #1331323

Mine just died last night making the leak all over the kitchen since freezer melted all the ice. That was my 3rd inverter.

I had one new as a spare and quickly installed it before heading to work. I hate GE!!!

Vernal, Utah, United States #1302419

I am having the exact same problem. I am on #3 now.

El Cajon, California, United States #1247417

I too just had my invertor board go bad. It looks like it is a heat related problem.

The repair tech quickly diagnosed it. He installed a new one for $350.

I noticed there may be a class action lawsuit in place for this defect. Check it out here:

Reseda, California, United States #1241404

I agree that GE design is bad. It would seem that they could have placed the board away from the high heat generated by the compressor.

I have replaced the inverter board 3 times.

Very *** design. I'm looking a a Samsung next time!

Mccordsville, Indiana, United States #1228283

Hi every one with inverters going bad 4 for me I found a inverter with the same specs for 134.00 and relocated it away from the compressor to much heat at factory location

to Anonymous Reseda, California, United States #1240242

I have the same problem, first time I replaced it I paid a sears tech guy to change it. The next three times I did it myself.

I did notice right away that the inverter was in the wrong place, next to the compressor. So I detached the inverter from the compressor and moved it as far from it as possible.

(Only 4 inches) Bad design by GE. Actually, a *** design!

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1139669

I have a GE Monogram ZISS360DRKSS and have just experienced what I am sure is the 4th failure of the inverter - embraco 200D5948P012. I haven't verified it yet but the symptoms are the same as the other 3 times this module failed.

It is mounted in a hot spot and was not properly designed to handle the heat. I'm tired of paying for GE's incompetence.

What can we do??? My email is


I had exactly the same experience with the vcc3 1156 01 f 04 embraco. I'm going to buy a spare, does anyone know the best vendor?

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #1118966

Yes, mine failed after about eight years. Scorching on plastic enclosure indicates very hot operation/environment.

Not a very good design. How about metal packaging for this environment?


the same problem that you guy are having my inverter box 200d5948p008, vcc 1156 01 f 41 they are junk .GE made big mistake with this


i need this part

from hwear can i get?

vcc3 1156 49 f 40

thank you

to turiki Henderson, Nevada, United States #1235017

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