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I purchased a brand new townhome last year. it was "equiped" with all GE appliances.

I should have run screaming from the place, but I bought it and that was the start of my GE nightmare. Several friends warned me, saying I would ask that they put some other brand of appliance in my townhome. I shrugged this off, knowing what the builder was using, regardless and I liked the townhome. Long story, short, EVERY GE appliance in my townhome has had to be serviced now at least once.

The most recent one is my over the range microwave. The whole control panel has to be replaced.....1 1/2 year old microwave! Probably gonna cost me 300.00. They practically had to rebuild my GE refridgerator, in my kitchen, 2 months after I bought it.

Run and as fast as you can from any GE product. They are really pieces of ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Microwave.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Builder probably bought them from a big box store, They should not be allowed to sell appliances except cheap junk to the people that shop there.

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