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So I had a GE Microwave that lasted just over a year. The megatron tube died and according to their manual they stated it was a 15 year replacement warranty.

On the phone they set up a time and said it was covered. The guy shows up and does the replacement and says he has to charge me $200 for labor. Now the microwave is probably only worth maybe $500, and I had to pay $200 for something that was warranty covered and over charged for labor? Highway robbery.

Never ever will I buy GE appliances again, and thankfully neither is my family.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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My mother and aunt both in their 80's decided to redo their kitchens. They looked online, yes online, a found GE profile appliances. Spending appoximately $7,000-$8,000 each of fixed income savings they purchased frigs, diswashers, and oven, along with one microwave because one does not believe in them. The refrigerators have been worse than terrible. My mother has had the doors replaced on her's twice and the door services and one addiitonal service call. Last week the refrigerator side stopped cooling, we lost lots of food. Someone came toward the tail in of the week and pronounced the motor to be broken. This frig is less than a year old. This week the freezer stopped working and the microwave rotating elmenent stopped turning. We have complained

and aksed for a new refrigerator and were told it will not happen since the same thing has to be repaired three time over a six month period. My aunt has also had problems with her refrigerator and her dishwasher.

The appliances are in two diffent houses and two different states. My mother and aunt do minimal cooking.

I am disappointed in the product and service. The problems these applicance have cause these two elderly ladies should be fixed. I will never buy a GE anything. I will do my best to let anyone who will listen know what terrible products and services GE has and provides. I earned enough points to buy a GE frig from Home Depot. Even though it will be free, I don't want it. Hope this gives some idea of my thoughts on the value of these products.

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