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My son was making popcorn and the GE Microwave Model PEB7226SF1SS caught fire!!! The microwave was not used often until the last two months when we started using it almost daily.

I have to say Customer Service responded promptly and I received a call back and a technician came out the next day, but because it is out of warranty, I have to purchase another microwave. My house and the microwave are less than 2 1/2 years old! Since when does a microwave last less than 5 years.

I have had microwaves that still worked after 15 years! As a matter of fact, I can't even remember when the last time I purchased a microwave because It lasted so long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Peb7226Sf1Ss Microwave.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We are in a new neighborhood with all GE Appliances. Our microwave, with the same model number as yours.

PEB7226sf2ss, "arced" and scorched both the inside and outside of the metal plate; my neighbor with same model had theirs catch on fire in the exact same spot. Tech came out and said not to use because it might catch on fire. GE wouldn't do anything about it other than offer a small discount.

Unbelievable. Their appliances and customer service used to be reliable.


My first ge microwave caught fire and was replaced under warranty. The replacement caught fire today.

I was hoping that the problem was resolved before a replacement was sent. I am nervous about installing a 3rd ge microwave.


I had the same issue and I obviously do not want another GE microwave . finding something to fit in the area is a ***


Same happened to me !!


this is interesting! im so sorry this happened to you. My oven caught fire and they wont do anything about it.


Same thing happened to us with popcorn!!! This is not ok.

Something is defective with their product and they aren’t doing anything about it. We should look into a class action.

to Camille Naaktgeboren #1706191

We are in a new home community and so far two have caught on fire with this model no. We should look into a class action! This is ridiculous, not lasting barely two years before they catch on fire!

to GiantRobin415 #1714153

We are also in a new home community! One caught on fire and mine is scorched in the exact same spot as where my neighbors fire was.

GE tech said not to use because it may catch on fire, and GE offered small discount on replacing with another one. If you can find an attorney, count me in!

to Camille Naaktgeboren #1714152

Hey, if you can find an attorney, I'm in!


I have the exact same microwave with exact same problem as you. Was making popcorn just now and it tried to set on fire. Luckily I heard the strange noise first

to Lacey Smith #1714154

Anyone know an attorney? This is ridiculous. A microwave that cost that much should last at least more than one or two years!

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