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My new GE Microwave stopped working within 2 months of purchase (October 2011) Model # PVM1970sr1ss (manufacture date 8/11); I am now going in to my 3rd month of waiting for repair--parts are on "backorder". The biggest nightmare is dealing with their customer service staff who ordered parts before a service person ever came to the house.

The original parts ordered were also on "backorder". When the service person finally showed up to do the work, the Customer Service people had ordered a new panel front, but no new "motherboard"....imagine my surprise when the guy took the old motherboard (that had stopped working 2 months after purchase) and put it in the new front panel shell! Guess what? It didn't work.

So the repair guy had to order a new "motherboard"...guess is also on backorder. We won't even begin to talk about the nightmares involved with GE robocalls coming in at the last minute to let one know that they repair is being rescheduled/cancelled--after a person has already arranged to be home from work. What a CLUSTER! Always been a loyal GE consumer, but will never purchase their products again.

I just hope I can get my microwave repaired before the 1 year warranty expires! Customer Service and part inventory is in need of some serious restructuring...Jack Welch needs to be brought back on board to straighten out this incredible excuse for Customer Service.

Do yourself a favor and BELIEVE these reviews; I saw stuff like this before I purchased and imagined it to be someone who had an extraordinarily bad experience--should have taken my own advice and purchased another brand.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #1180238

I guess I am lucky, mine lasted 2 years, the service man said it was fried and to get a new one. I paid 85 dollars for that advise. Will not buy a GE microwave again.


Have had the exact same problem! We are on our second motherboard and this one only lasted a couple of months.

Same shoddy service and lack of follow through. It is amazing to me to hear almost the exact same scenario. The guy shows, FINALLY, and tells us that he can't fix it because he doesn't have the part. Two months later he shows back up after several failed attempts.

With me taking off work etc.

I am currently online looking for a Kitchen Aid replacement. I will never buy another GE appliance again!

Aurora, Minnesota, United States #645078

I too purchased a GE PVM1970SR1SS and at 6 months it quit . The mother board, filter,and battery needed to be replaced.

I was lucky it only took a 2 weeks. This microwave has been a bone of contention since it was installed. Thought we were getting a convection and so did the sears salesperson and it was not. Decided to keep it since it was a pain to install and hated to ask my husband to remove it.

My is a large nice oven and would be wonderful if it were convection, but it is only 1000 watts and does not heat very fast, the fan is great , but noisier then ***...Called GE to complain and they offered to sale me a convection for 413 after I paid 650 with a 5 year service plan. So where would that leave me???

Too bad they continue to make a problem oven. I'll be buying LG or another brand from now on.


I may be interested in your GE 2060 Microwave, but I am concerned about the many negative customer reviews. I would like to know if the problems with the Magnatrone dying and the problem that the turn table does not run smoothly, have been fixed.

Is there a new 2060 coming out this spring and what changes have been made.

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