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We bought a brand new GE microwave from Walmart in Bloomington Indiana in November and it quite working about a week ago. I called the store we bought it from and I was told that since it was over 90 days I had to call GE.

I call GE and get to talk to India is her name and am told that they have a contract with Walmart to replace the microwace. I call Walmart and am told that the agreement does not include microwaves. So I call GE back and find out that the onlything they are willing to do is to send me a "Goodwill Certificate" that means I have to go spend another $100 on a new microwave and they in 6-8 weeks they will send me a check. I then call back and talk to another person and explain that I am disabled and can't afford to go spend more money on a new microwave and am told that they will drop ship me a new microwave when they recieve the cord and tag.

So I call the shop that has the microwave and they said they have sent it to GE. Well low and behold I get home today and have a message from India saying that they only thing they will do is the goodwill certificate. I don't know what I am going to do but will tell anyone I know not to buy GE.

Their goodwill certificate should be called a "our warrenty's aren't woth the paper they are written on" certificate. Thanks for nothing GE

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