Austin, Texas

Purchased GE Microwave from Sears for almost $500. Caught on fire baking a potato.

Sears would not repair or replace, said, "aluminum could have grown in potato, minerals in ground you know,(therefore)considered customer abuse."

Microwave is only four months old. We were told we should have watched the potato baking,I thought that was considered dangerous?

Sears would discount a new one but after delivery and installation charges microwave would be almost $300 for new one. Now, why would we want to pay for another one that could catch on fire from hidden minerals if they will not completely replace it?

Have had cheap microwaves that just burned, and I mean really burned, the item and still continued to work.

Repairman told us it was a faulty sensor but Sears denied his comment. GE should tell consumers not to bake potatoes at all or anything that could potentially cause damage.

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did you find the class action law suit?

Did you Contact Ge to have it escelated?

Did you contact their insurance company?

Consumer protection agency:

a lawyer?


My GE ADORA MICROWAVE quit working right in the middle of using the timer. I am disgusted since it was just past its one year warranty. Where do I get compensation?


Interesting. Our year and a half GE Microwave just died.

Wasn't even using it except to time something. All went black.

Just had it replaced for $560.00 and installed today. INstallers did no test run. I did and low & behold it makes a clicking noise when the rotaing plate goes in one direction but not in the other.

I'm leary about it and will call the store I bought itfrom. Can eanyone trust anything to run right these days?????

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