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Model HVM1540DN1WW -- manufactured Jan. 2008, it is now Nov.

2009, and the thing is a piece of ***. None of the buttons work at all, and apparently this is a continuous problem with this model, yet has GE recalled? Offered to replace? Do they answer their phone at GE Appliance consumer complaint -- NO!

Do not buy GE Appliances, they are the worst excuses for appliances out there!

I bought my first GE appliances in 2008 when we remodeled our kitchen, against my better judgemen, and I regret every one of them.

The refrigerator has had a service call already, the washing machine has had a service call already, the rubber strip on the stove is coming off, and now the microwave doesn't work at all! WTF?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Washing Machine.

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Euless, Texas, United States #906964

I have the same model and within the first year (while under warranty) the key pad failed and was replaced. Five years later, same problem.


Ive had my JE2160SF03 for 8 years without any problems. Just trying to find a replacement GE Profile microwave in white to match the rest of kitchen.

Believe me its not all of them that break but its the only ones you hear of cause people don't post on products that work. Well I love mine and its worked great for 8 years so sorry you people are having trouble with yours.( And yes I said you people)


GE model HVM1540DN1WW - Dead after a couple years. Prior GE also dead after a couple years.

Very disappointed in GE.

Washington Township, Michigan, United States #606746

Same problem here! Mine quit at the end of the year.

Very disappointed that GE has known of this issue for this long and still has done nothing to correct it! This problem has been around since 2009.

I bought my hvm1540dn1ww in April 2010. That indicates to me that GE knew they were selling a defective product at that time!

:cry same story, GE microwave fail

New house had a GE JE2160SF03 that failed after 2 years, bought exact replacement thinking it was a fluke - now it's dead. Can't find exact model - GE has lost my faith on this product alone.


GE over the range microwave model#JV1740SM1SS quit working after 2 after being installed. Already check circuit breaker, and oven still has no power ,dead.

GE will charge $99.95 home visit, whether i decided to get it fix or not. No guarantee it will get fixed.

Is it worth? , I bought the over at Home Depot for $220.00 on 2009.

Your comments are appreciated.


We bought a GE Profile Microwave pvm1870dmbb Sept 2010. Worked six months.

Would not heat. Repairman replaced three different parts. worked three months and now waiting for repairs again, I will not buy another GE product.

This Microwave is made in Malaysia. Repairman said it was made by same company that makes Samsung


I work in the appliance industry for 15 years. Just an FYI. about 90% of all OTR's are sourced through the same China company.


The Profile Microwave is a horrible product. I have had 3 service calls in the last 3 years for circuit boards and fuses.

Each service call cost me over 130.00. GE should recall these microwaves.



Bought GE microwave Jan. 2009 model #

JVM1740SM1SS, made in Malaysia.

By Dec.

2010, most buttons stopped working. Will attempt to get some assistance from GE and report back.


GE Microwave Model # JVM1740SMISS

Manufactured, in China, in 2007. Stopped working in 2010, 2.5 years after being installed.

Site visit to look at it costs $175 from Sears, without any guarantee of repair. From what I can tell, the CPU repair, which is what I believe it is, will cost at least that to fix. That is more than the total cost of a new microwave.

I won't be buying a GE product this time, but it irks me that this big piece of 2 year old toxic metal is going to the junk pile. What a waste.

Ozark, Arkansas, United States #154926

GE over the range microwave. Had to replace the CPU in a 1.8 yr microwave (expensive one).

Bottom Line: Junk and would NOT recommend buy it again.

GE problems = outsourcing, non responsive to customer complaints etc.. & to much to the left of center/common sense!


I have a GE microwave JE2160SF03 (2006) that broke, was repaired (expensive) and broke again. When we went to replace it, the same model does not exist and no others are the same dimensions.

Now we also have to buy the special new "trim kit" to make it fit into our above the stove microwave cabinet. Not cheap. Shouldn't some things come in standard sizes?

Seems like it's planned to make you stuck. If we don't buy the trim kit we have a small micowave sitting in a cabinet hole looking ridiculous.



Bundall, Queensland, Australia #113175
:cry - Second microwave - same tune Less than 4 years second in seven - gone again. Cost more and now part of the microwave oven combo - question do I get rid of both or buy bad for third time

We just had to replace the CPU in a three year old GE Profile microwave model number JE2160SF03. The microwave was manufactured in October 2006.

After reading other complaints maybe I should be glad it worked for three years. GE used to be a brand I could rely on.


Diane - this is Megan from GE, sorry to hear about your microwave issues. If you can email me the model # and other details at consindsocialmedia@ge.com, I can look into the situation.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #95352

GE over the range microwave. Model JVM1740SMISS.

Only 18 months old and the inside paint is chipping and peeling off into our food.

GE's solution is to buy some spray paint and repaint it. Sure thing. I'm qualified to do that.

Have to take this heavy thing down, scrape, sand and repaint. And what if more chips off as it undoubtedly will......well....hello cancer.

Will have to trash it (hello landfill) and buy a new non-GE microwave. I'll do more research this time around.


yea art their all made in the same garage in china

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