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I bought a ge profile fridge,thinking i would not have to buy another one for atleast a few years.But i was wrong!! After just over a year the thing will not keep fod cold or freeze anything.This seems to be a very frequent accurance with this model.Ge says it only happens with one in a million.But ive been on the interet for about an hour and have found thousands with the same one in a million problem.Ge should recall them,but instead they discontinue the moldel.I will never buy or recomend another ge product to anybody.They get away with selling junk and not standing bye there product like most big companies.Stick it to the cosumer!They make their products to last months not years.Thanks ge for selling me a peice of *** wish there was away to repay the favor!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Same thing happened with my GE Profile refrigerator after about a year, but it did not stop there. I have had it three years now and it has needed a major repair (over 1,000each time) each year.

I have said that repairing it has passed the price I paid/I could get a new one and they said they would rather repair it than replace it even if it costs more than buying be another one. ABSURD!!

Will never buy another GE appliance or recommend to anyone. (Service is ridiculous, I call and someone can't come for three days..I am like everything is melting and by milk is warm and they don't care or won't give me money to replace food items..I have kids and store breast milk and all they said was put it on ice)

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