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Do not buy a Ge profile GXCF35GBS tri-temp water

cooler dispenser Ge nor homedepot will stand behind it.

this unit started freezing up at 18 months of use

and been waiting for help for 3 months after all

Ge name plate but made in china don't be fooled

by the brand look at the data plate before you buy.

The other thing that will *** anybody off is the fact that you can't find the part I suspect is the

root concern a temp thermostat is not listed on

site along with other repair parts.

And to top it off is the fact the cooler before this

one was 2 years old and the compressor took a

dump and guess what made in china but gave GE

crack at it and got what I thought was a better

model so at this point I pissed on myself.

Monetary Loss: $210.

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Made in China? Shocking!!!

It says this right on the unit and the box.

I can't think of one manufacturer of compressors in the USA.

Out of curiosity, where did you expect that it was made?


Do you want to get rid of yours Im in need for some parts which are all but impossible to me at 810-660=7241


Purchased a profile refridgerator 4 years ago. Fridge stopped staying cold.

Had the panel replaced, fixed problem for 2 weeks and now is doing same. There should be a recall on this product.

Talked with my repair man and he said he has seen this issue several times now. Take my advise and do not purchase GE appliances!

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