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We bought a GE gas range 5 years ago. At the beginning of December 2010, we start get a error and our oven would shut off. We check with several appliance technicians, they told us it was the sensor or the control board and this was a common problem. I sent GE customer service (Ha Ha) a email in mid december, i received a email back to unplug our oven which we had already done from what the technicians told us. I emailed them again, I receive this email back, we are sorry please call a technicians to have it fixed. I called GE, I was on hold for 40 minutes before anybody answered. He told me they would send a technician (waive the fee) so we can find out the real problem. The technician was worthless, (if I would have had to pay for the service I would have been real mad) he came in turned the oven on, it did not even get to 150 degrees, he said it is your control board and sensor, he was here about 5 minutes, you get that for $70 charge.

I called GE again, they told me they would pay 50% of the $300 charge. I sent them a email telling them I paid $1,000 dollars for this appliance and after five years this should not be going out. I have had appliances for twenty years without any problems. I did not receive a response from my email so I sent it to them again. I asked them is this how your treat your customers. Guess what, no response. I called them in mid January, the lady I spoke with told me that this would turned over to a supervisor and I would receive a call within 30 minutes. Guess what, I did not receive any call back.

I will never buy another GE Appliance, they make this *** paying people proverty wages and they are not willing to stand behind their products. GE is all for the CEO's and shareholders not for the customer. I would advise everybody not to buy GE Appliances unless you want to get the customer service I received.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I bought a GE side by side refrigerator with a water dispenser from Home Depot the so call chilled water comes out in the high 40°F GE tells me that is chilled water temperature should be

Having been a plumber for over 40 years I can tell you that high 40°F is not chilled water

I informed them that they have a design problem the water line is too close to the compressor they want nothing to do with it

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