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Hi everybody I have a side by side refrigerator that's is been braking every 6 months this is the 4th time.well Ge send one technician that he does not do compressor so he had to schedule another technician this guys came and it was very rude with me her said that he needs to wait and she if they approved the repair that will take 2 days by now I already have 1 week with out refrigerator. call back the second day to see what was going on and they told me will take another 5-10 days to approve the repair,I asked to speak with a supervisor and please this guys sound like he was as sleep or something i would as him about it and he just will satay quiet.

he said well sorry you have to wait 5-10 days and i told him I have a kid and can be with out refrigerator.

he didn't say anything so i told he him so you are telling me you are *** and have to wait and his responds was yes mam. what an *** hole.i hung up on him

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Roma, Texas, United States #218108

GE Appliance division sort of reminds me of the current white house administration, they are totally out of tune with the buying public. It is hard to believe that the higher management doesn't know that they make the most un-reliable *** appliances that fail at every opportunity. They are a very bad value and need to go out of business.

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