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We purchased a GE Gas Dryer about 4.5 yrs ago. There were at that time very few dryers that fit (depth is the issue) in the space we have. About 2.5 yrs after purchase, the start switch failed, and the unit would run regardless of the position of that switch. We worked around it. Then, about 9 months ago the dryer started "pinching" and ruining clothes. The problem is the extremely poor quality seal in the front area of the drum.

So we needed to get another dryer. Unfortunately, by this time the only model we could find was essentially the exact same model 0 the DBXR463GG8WW gas dryer. We bought it 6 weeks ago. It has already died. The start button - this time - simply fell off into the inside of the dryer.

Called GE at the 800-626-2000 number, and after being on hold forever, arranged for a service call and they said they would order replacement parts which would ship directly to me.

Parts never arrive. Ever. Had to reschedule service (twice so far) because no parts. I call GE, they can't figure out if parts have ever been ordered. They refer me to customer advocacy at 800-386-1215, who is absolutely without a single solitery speck of value. They have no visibility. Even when I give them my confirmation numbers and case numbers, they can't find any information. I spent more than an hour on hold just waiting to talk to somebody, then 40 minutes talking to them, for nothing. They say they'll have to "reserach" some more and call me back, but it will be at least a couple days because they are "too busy". Their words - not mine. I ask for a supervisor, and they take my number and say one will call back. Of course, that never happens either.

No calls the next day, so I call back in. This time I get a recording that they are closed "due to inclement weather".

So far, the brand new dryer has been dead for 1/3 of the time I've owned it. GE has been totally helpless in dealing with it. I have no idea when parts will arrive, if they will arrive, or if they were even ordered. I can't reach anybody in GE.

So, please don't reward poor business practices, poor quality, and generally poor customer service. Don't buy GE. I will never, ever, purchase another GE appliance. Because of this situation I'm very likely going to have to go buy another dryer in the next couple days. GE should be held criminally liable for their fraud.

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I apologize for the experience you had in October with your GE dryer and service. I hope your dryer is operating properly now.

Should you have any questions or need assistance please email us at Di with GE

Savannah, New York, United States #246862
:cry :(
I can relate to your story; same thing has happened to me, all w/in the course of not even one year of having the unit - the start button on the dryer has broken off and fallen into the machine THREE TIMES! Same EXACT problem EVERY time. (A piece of PLASTIC BREAKS off of the back of the fact unit, allowing the start button to break from the unit & fall back into it.

The call to the 1215 number says it has to "break 4 times before we can replace it" which means they KNOW it's going to break at least 3 times - WHEN IT SHOULDN'T EVEN BREAK ONCE!

Furthermore, I bought the matching washer the same time & have had to have 2 repair people come out for THAT (but I can't get THAT replaced until it breaks 4 times, ALSO, according to the gal at the 1215 number).

I am TOTALLY disillusioned w/GE service. They are definately NOT "bringing good things" to MY life!

Well, it gets better (or worse, depending on your point of view). Finally, GE came out to fix the dryer on Oct 18th.

The repair lasted 8 days.

The dryer is dead again. So, here we go again.

For the record, I have NEVER been contacted by one of the "supervisors" as promised by GE. Never. The dryer is effectively brand new, never abused or mistreated, not a single scratch on it.

So the bottom line here is that GE continues to dazzle me with their completely worthless, substandard, unacceptable service AND extremely poor product quality - combined with a total disregard for the customer and a repeated failure to follow up on issues. I can find nothing remotely positive or even acceptable about any portion of this experience.

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