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I bought a house two years ago that they furnished with GE appliances. Well my oven has been repaired twice, my dishwasher quit on me within 16 months and now my refrigerator is needs service. Bravo to GE for supplying builders with such garbage that I need to replace or service three out of four supplied units.

If the genius' at GE had any foresight, they would supply good quality with low options and a decent warranty so that builder clients would return to GE for upgraded appliances. Instead I struggle with low grade garbage that isn't worth the scrap it's built with.

So now I look to quality appliances such as Kenmore or Bosch.

So again, bravo GE, I now add to the hundreds…or thousands of voices that cry warning to anyone who considers purchasing your shoddy, worthless, piece of *** products.

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GE = ***

LG/Bosch and few others are the way to go.

I bought a house with new GE appliances, they break right after the 1yr warranty is up. Horribly loud and total *** when they do work.

I'm happy with:

fridge = lg

washer/dryer = lg

dishwasher = bosch

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