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The GE front loading washer will only wash ex-large loads or it is unbalanced and will not finish the load. Mine is only 1-1/2 years old. I have had 2 different service companies call. They specify that it is user neglect that the washer is unbalanced and that I must wash 14 pair of jeans or 14 heavy bath towels to complete a cycle. And all items must be the same size.

The extended warranty company said that nothing is wrong with the washer and I am not using it for full loads. Lowes sales person never told me this at my $2500 purchase!

9 out of 10 loads I have to hang-wring out my items and put them sobbing wet into my driver which is overworking that item.

GE will do nothing because my one year warranty is up even though I had one of my service calls under that warranty.

I cannot wash a small, med, or large load in this machine. A 45 minute cycle takes 1-1/2 hours and that's with me opening the door a half of dozen times to adjust the clothing trying to get it to spin.

I told the extended warranty company that I would call them to sent someone out weekly until this is resolve. They told me that since I already had a service call on this problem and that it is user neglect, I would have to pay for the service.

I was also told to save up my dirty laundry until I had enough to do extra large loads. There are only 2 of us in this household and I would have to buy more hampers and let my clothes mildew until I had enough of the same type and size items to wash.

I realize that the sales people are not trained and on commission so they do not tell a consumer anything about a product besides "It saves money and has a large capacity".

Again, do not buy a GE washer and do check with your sales person's experience. And I did ask the Lowes appliance manager if they stood behind the products they sale and she would not answer me!

For $2500 I could have had the finest top loading machines and dollars in my pocket.

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No luck with GE front loader. I have the WCVH6800JW

Banging around while spinning and clothes not getting rung out and have to run cycle manually twice to get them close to being put in dryer.

Had service out times and says "unbalanced load" cannot find anything wrong. Dampers were replaced as well as circuit board-same issues!!!! Unless it is a fairly large load forget about this thing working.

Design Flaw at the least!!!! Trying to get rid of this thing but so far GE is not addressing my needs to get this accomplished.


I HATE my GE front loader washing machine! We have had it for 3 1/2 years and it has eaten clothes the entire time!

Over the last 5 months it has started smoking and burning the rubber liner during the spin cycle. We have had 3 service visits and they are still not sure what is wrong. They won't replace it because our warranty is expired. At this point I don't even want it replaced because I'm ready to move on to a new brand!

I have had it and am ready to have this unit recalled for health (smoke inhalation)and fire concerns!! Grrrr....


I have the same problem, so when I have a small load I just throw in one or two of my throw pillows off the couch and that seems to balance a small load. I think they were invented for large loads, not small.


I have the exact same problem and I am done with the frustration. I am buying a new washer & it wont be GE. While shopping for a new machine I tell every other consumer to stay away from this product & if they dont believe me to go on the internet & read the reviews because there are lots with the same problem.


have the same exact problem

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