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bought the front loader in 2005 and everything was fine. (model # WBVH5200J2WW).

in sept. 2012, i have to call in a repairman to get the controls to work and he tells me i need a new control board and after handing me the estimate of the new piece plus labor, it's almost as much as a whole new machine! then, he tells me even if i replace the control board, he doesn't know if that will fix the "problem" because without a working control board, he can't put the machine through diagnostics! how can GE not have a way to test their products if parts go bad?

so i would pay that much and still not know if machine would operate. changed control board but still could not get settings to work. Called in a sears repairman who basicaly took the machine apart and either had no idea what he was doing or could not find cause of the problem. everything GE told me to do over the phone to "reset" control board did not work and their repair person tried same procedures.

i will not buy another GE product again and at this point, may even stay away from front loaders as well. prior to this problem, machine worked fine.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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