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Bought this GE front load washer (GFWN1100) from Home Depot July 2012 for a 2nd home. We did not use it often, perhaps a total of 10 times.

Aug 2013 (1-month after warranty expired) tried to use and it would not complete the wash cycle. It ran for about 10 minutes, then would click off. Starting the unit again, it would rotate 1/2 a spin then click off. At that time, I was not going to be at the house to wait for a repair, so called for a repair in Jan 2014, knowing it was already out of warranty.

I called GE customer service, described the problem, and her excuse for the issue was that "we didn't use it enough. A washing machine needs to be used to stay useful." What?!? It's not a car! Absolutely bogus.

Got the number for a GE certified repairman. He didn't have any ideas. Had to come back 3 times. Tried to replace the electronic board, but GE sent him the wrong model.

He was done. See ya later. No can do. Dead.

Had to pay him $100 anyway.

Today we purchased a used Whirlpool and it is working better than any GE washer I ever had.

I will never buy ANY GE appliance again. Period.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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GE put out a bad product as I had the exact same scenario with my GFWN1100 front load. Purchased at Home Depot and used it sparingly in a second home, lasted less than 2 years and maybe 20 loads of laundry.

Error code 46 but I'm being told that it could be the motor or the inverter and I should replace both parts at around $400 just for the parts.

Don't think I'll be buying GE again.

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you should try

better then other ones!!!


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I'm sorry this has happened. If you'd like us to review your situation, please send your details to Thanks.

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