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We have the expensive GE front load clothes washer WCVH6260 series purchased in November of 2006. It has been annoying from a very young age, smelling like mold and tearing clothes (even after following GE's instructions many times to clean and prevent and always leaving the door open when not in use).

Recently it began making terrible noises during the spin cycle and smelling like burning plastic. The wonderful internet helped me diagnose the problem as the common broken drum support "Spider". I pulled the machine apart and found completely rotted crumbling metal as you can see in the pictures (and a bunch of moldy nasty stuff that you cannot get clean without complete dis-assembly). GE has similar machines of which hundreds of thousands have been recalled but for some reason our model has not.

My contact with GE Consumer Relations was respectable but only ended with me getting a discount on the part. Unfortunately this poorly made "Spider" isn't sold separately so you have to buy the whole basket assembly for close to $500. I am extremely disappointed that GE isn't fixing this for free and with a part that is made to last. What happened to the days of keeping an appliance for 20-30 years?.

I did the math and discovered that if I scrap this machine at this point it will have cost me over a dollar per load of laundry just in depreciation. That's ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Washing Machine.

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Front loaders are awful. Everyone I know who has one hates it and it smells like mold.


I had the same problem. My machine was made in 2008 so about 10 years old.

I contacted GE and made a complaint regarding poor design of the spider bracket. The customer service advocate almost without argument agreed to sell me the replacement basket assembly for $100.00 which is about 20 dollars more than I expected to pay for just the spider bracket if it was available separately. Shipping was $6.00 so it was worth making the repair.

The repair was time consuming but not overly difficult and the machine seems to be working much better.

Really was pleasantly surprised and only made the attempt after reading a post from another customer that was able to get the part discounted after making a complaint.

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Me too!

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Just had this same problem with our GE Profile front loader and can't find the replacement spider drum support for this model. This no doubt will be our last GE appliance.

San Benito, Texas, United States #1343976

I have exactly the same problem with my GE Washer, i just hope that they make a recall, because that was not cheap!

Semmes, Alabama, United States #1299586

Just had same problem with my washer and can not seem to find just the spider support and the cost of the whole assembly is to pricey! I bought another front loader for 700.00 and they want over 500.00 for the assembly! RIDICULOUS


Same here, 10 years only. I talked to sears and home depot sales people and they told me that i was lucky that i was able to get 10 years.

Most of all washing machines made today are designed for 3-5 years.

Most parts are replaced by low grade metal and plastic, any place they can cut the price they do it even at the cost of quality and safety. As you know Samsung is already paying the price.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1238642

Why is someone not making replacement spiders for these? It doesn't matter who you buy from they all have the same part.

Markham, Ontario, Canada #1234843

The same thing has just happened to my GE WCVH4800K2WW front load washer. The machine is less than 2 years old!!

This is ridiculous! On top of that, GE does not sell just the drum support spider, as you have to buy the whole drum unit.

I don't know how manufacturers get away from selling disposable appliances for top $$$$!

Bayonne, New Jersey, United States #1233747

I have the same issue with the spider. cannot get spider alone but the whole drum

Stockton, California, United States #1212999

I have the same rotted GE spider arm and cannot find a replacement really bad product.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1211862

They make jet engines ? hmmmmmm. Anybody flying

Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States #1198906

This is not a design flaw. They made the "spider" brace out of uncoated cast aluminum because it is a soft, porous metal, and when subjected to bleach, it turns to chalk.

It will last just long enough for most warranty's to run out. That is also why they charge $550 for the replacement wash drum and refuse to sell the spider separately. They don't want it to last and they don't want you to fix it. They want you to have to replace it!

It's called planned obsolescence.

If anyone reading this decides to buy the wash drum, when you get it, remove the spider and have it powder coated so that it will last forever!

to BigMick Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States #1198910

And it isn't just GE... it's ALL front load washers!

They all have the cast aluminum "spider" brace! It's the aluminum/bleach reaction that makes them smell like a rotten sock!

Bohemia, New York, United States #1197175

I have the same issue. My spider broke into three pieces.

I realize the machine is 10 years old and things are going to break but I can't see why GE doesn't make the part available separately from the inner tub since so many people have the same problem and no one ever has an issue with the inner tub itself.

I was told by a salesman that it was because they want you to buy a new machine so they it make it so expensive that it does not make sense to fix an old machine. My response was "I hope they don't think the next machine I buy will be a G.E."


Same here. Nothing but problems like yours since day one and now it is simply scrap metal.

GE just ignored my please since 2009. Will never buy anything GE again.

Not the same appliance company it was 50 years ago. It became a finance company and now licenses it's name for appliances made like garbage.


I have a GE Model WCVH6400JOWW front loader and has done the same thing and GE will only offer a high priced drum assembly or 600 for a new washer, they know they have a problem and should offer the replacement spider arm or improve the arm so it doesn't deteriorate, pissed off at the customer service and quality could of have a laundry service do it cheaper than cost to run this unit for couple years.

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