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Just awful products. Refrigerator delivered with huge dent, offered refund that never arrived.

Ice maker inoperable after 2 years, microwave turntable does not work, the light under microwave went out several months ago with no replacement found and keypad does not work. I have sent several messages to GE and the only personal response I received was some woman insulting me stating I did not provide the correct product information.

Probably just a matter of time before the GE stove purchased with the other items will go out. I know that GE will probably never reimburse us or compensate us for such terrible products, but I know we will never ever ever but another GE product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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Hello Lindajoy, this is Jennifer with GE. I regret to hear of the issue with your refrigerator and microwave and also with your experience with customer service.

Understand this is not typical GE Customer Service. We will be happy to look into your email messages and how we may assist with your issues.

Please give us a chance and send details to Thank you.


Ditto. I have given up on GE appliances the last few years also. Junk.

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