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We have had our 4 year old GE fridge's main board die for the second time in 2 1/2 months. GE set up a RMA for the exchange and Fed Ex picked up the bad part at our house when I was told, BUT GE did not ship the part when they told me and confirmed in an e-mail.

The communication is worst then their product.

Now I have no fridge and Christmas is in 2 days. Did I mention that we are expecting 12"-16" of snow so now Fed Ex will have an excuse to not deliver on time:(

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Same problem! It's Christmas Eve, all the produce in the produce drawer has frozen and has to be tossed out, but the rest of the fridge is getting warmer (42 degrees now).

The freezer says it's at minus 5, but it's barely cold in there. The water dispenser stopped working. This will be the 6th service call on this appliance in its two and a half year lifetime. I've bitched to GE all morning and their "nonresponses" have made me madder, so I've given up.

Off to buy a cooler to hopefully save some of my Christmas food.

The tech guy is coming Monday. Let's see if he can fix it this time.

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