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Bought GE energy star washer. Delivered on Thursday.

Tried to use new washer on Saturday (first day off work) & it poured water all over the floor. Contacted Home Depot where purchased, and got royal run around. Said I should have used washwe in 48 hours. They shift blame to GE.

GE shifts blame to delivery people who delivered and installed washer. Evidentally GE subcontracts deliveries out now. Have had no satisfaction with sales staff at Home Depot, no contact from GE or company that delivered washer and installed it. Delivery company left rod in washer that was supposed to be removed before operating.

Delivery service ran washer twice before discovering rod in washer. Anyone know any laws that would help in Georgia?

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bought ge washing machine 1 and a half ago stop workind repair man 200.00 for new motor .Whirlpool here i come.


I had energy star delivered on 6/10/10 - used it immediately after delivery man left and the hose leaked water. Called Home Depot got the run around and was told to call GE - GE said they had to order a new hose and it would be here in 5 days - it is now 7 days and still waiting.

GE said it would be delivered FEDX but refuse to give us a tracking number. So bottom line I will not buy from Home Depot or GE again. Home depot orig.

said first 48 hrs. were on them, not so.

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