If you are planning to spend the best part of the day choosing a refrigerator that reflects your environmental consciousness, you may want to stay away from GE. The fridge works fine. The problem is the company.

Is it necessary for "Service Protection Plus" to send a monthly letter offering the same warranty over and over? We bought GE a year ago, which means I am sitting on 12 letters that insist of explaining the same ***. I am as pissed off that they think I did not correctly understood (and declined) their first *** letter, as I am that they do not give a *** about filling my mail box with unnecessary paper.

I am not asking everyone to be as dedicated and obsessed with the environment, but since I clearly am, I am asking to be respected as a customer. Contacting them does not work, as I have tried several times for the past year. Do not buy GE for their Energy Star rating, it is a lie, and does not take into consideration the potential lifetime of trash that you will have to receive from them.

ps: btw, if anybody knows the address of a top GE exec, I would not mind forwarding them my mail every month, so that it becomes their recycling problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Refrigerator.

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I, too, bought a GE Energy Star Profile French door refrigerator. It's great IF you don't press the Energy Star feature.

This button causes water to accumulate on the top of the freezer drawer. In less than three years the flap which seals the two doors broke. My GE microwave is also less than three years old and it, too, just stopped working.

I'm waiting for the GE stove and dishwasher to go. POORLY BUILT APPLIANCES!!!


GE is possibly the Worst company to purchase any appliances from. IF they can't fix the issue, their answer is "our techs say it works that way".

The way it works has nothing to do with what their literature says, it just has to do with how they don't want to handle the issue. You will also wait w/out a tech showing up and w/out a call to tell you that they screwed up their schedule and can't come.


They are probably sending the letters because they know their products are so terrible that you are going to NEED that "Service Protection Plus." Trust me, as a multiple GE appliance owner, I know. GE is ***.

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