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I had energy star delivered on 6/10/10 - used it immediately after delivery man left and the hose leaked water. Called Home Depot got the run around and was told to call GE - GE said they had to order a new hose and it would be here in 5 days - it is now 7 days and still waiting for part from GE.

GE said it would be delivered FEDX but refuse to give us a tracking number.You would think something as simple as a hose would not take a week.

Home depot orig. said anything wrong in the first 48 hrs.

was on them, not so. So bottom line I will not buy from Home Depot or GE again.

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SHAME ON GE> Ge didn't appreciate their small dealers who would immediately take care of such a minor problem as replacing a leaking hose to a consumer.

GE wants large volume dealers that don't want to do anything but sell the product and reap the profits. The big box stores generally don't want to see you again unless you want to buy something else. When a problem arises the big box stores don't seem to be equipped to handle the problem or maybe they just don't want to. They will just pass the buck and give you a toll free number to call.

SHAME OM THE CONSUMER as well for not supporting their local home town dealers causing many of them to just fade from existence.

The consumer has been brain washed into thinking that there is no better deal than from the big box stores. So many of them don't even consider their local independent dealers who are there to take care of their problems so that they will be good repeat ccustomers.

DID YOU REALLY THE THE BETTER DEAL HERE? :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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