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I have spent over $6,000 in GE appliances since late 2005.

I have also spent $1,000+ in replacements and various repairs to these appliances over the last couple of years. The appliances are well taken care of, and are not subject to any kind of extreme use. I have called to complain to GE, and they have clearly indicated that because the appliances are no longer under warranty, they will not stand behind them.

I now have a new problem with a higher-end dryer that I purchased just over two years ago. I have a tech scheduled to come out tomorrow, and will likely spend another $200 in service to have the unit repaired.

I own 9 major GE appliances. I am disappointed that GE is not willing to stand behind their products, particularly when I have put as much trust as I have into purchasing them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ge Appliances Warranty.

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Stick with Maytag or Whirlpool they havebeen solid for me.


Some things never change. Twenty years ago had almost all my GE/Hotpoint fail.Consumer reports ranked them all No.1.All the issues I experienced were well known to them but their indifference was upsetting. A close freind is a tech and advised me to sstay from these products and be vigilant when buying purchasing any appliance because often build for each other

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